My pediatrician gave my ds a prescription for two puffers yesterday flow-vent and I forget the name (blue puffer) we really are not sure if it is asthma but he has had a cough since October and it gets worse outside, when running and sleeping. However, there is nothing in his chest and no weezing. My doctor isen't sure if it is asthma but said that the puffer will help, she also gave amoxil incase it is in his nose, but the puffer helped immediatley , any thoughts? I know that a lot of you are dealing with asthma and I just need to know more I guess.


On Jan 8, 2004

Andrea, it really does sound like asthma to me. Most of the time my boys cough, not wheeze. The only time they wheeze is when they have a cold or other illness. My old allergist used to say, if they have asthma symptoms it could be asthma or alot of other things. But if you use the asthma meds. and it gets better it usually means its asthma.

My oldest son used to cough non stop while playing outside to the point he would vomit. It was worse when he had a sinus infection so that could be part of the problem.

If you have any other questions , feel free to ask. Ill be glad to help you.

On Jan 8, 2004

mattchrismom, sorry to be a downer for you, but it does sound as though your son has asthma. To me, although I guess the doctor wanted to rule out asthma, but if the cough has been going on since October month, I don't see how amoxicillin could help with that, if it was an infection in your child's nose causing it, because it's gone on for what? Two months? I think you would have known if your child had some sort of nose infection. However.

The only time I have physically heard my son wheeze is when he had his first asthma attack. With his second asthma attack, I couldn't hear any wheezing at all and even the doctor in the E.R. couldn't hear it without his stethoscope. And that was during an actual asthma attack where he was belly breathing and his air flow would have been down.

My daughter has never wheezed ever and although the doctor who diagnosed her said that she had RAD, it's still basically asthma, just different than her brother's.

The cold, exercise, and night, and a virus make me think it's asthma.

My son showed NO signs of even having asthma (no coughing, anything) prior to having his first asthma attack when he was 2-1/4 and had a virus. I had no idea. With my daughter, she had *that* cough in the middle of the night with a virus and I spoke with the doctor who actually incorrectly prescribed only Flovent, which takes two weeks to start acting, and the pharmacist had to go back and get a 'script for Ventolin as well so that she would get some relief.

Also, if you're getting relief from the puffers, especially the Ventolin (blue), that would be another indicator for me. My daughter also experiences what I originally thought was *the croup* (it isn't - it's a cough due to environmental allergies, but one right wicked cough) and it is NOT helped when she is given her asthma meds. A totally different cough and cause.

Momma Bear has posted several asthma links on the board (not clear where) and I have posted under Links a thread entitled Asthma Links which may have some links in it that you might find helpful.

Best wishes! [img][/img]


On Jan 8, 2004

My son's asthma is also like that. It's called "cough-variant asthma." I think there are lots of people on these boards whose kids have that type. The night-time coughing is a typical symptom. I think you'll see a significant improvement with the meds. Good luck.

On Jan 9, 2004

Thank you for your replies it goes with what I thought and his caugh got better almost immediatley, the ventilin has obviously improved things I noticed it the first night, he hardley caughs at all now that I have been giving it to him 4 times a day. I have a follow up appointment with his doctor next Friday. Thanks again Andrea

On Jan 9, 2004

mattchrismom, please let us know how the appointment goes on Friday. [img][/img]

I'd say if the Ventolin worked, then you are dealing with asthma.

I have posted here that I have found asthma more difficult to figure out than PA. I found it particularly difficult to figure out when I have two children with asthma who are very different with their asthma.

My daughter, for example, diagnosed RAD (really asthma, had to ask about it here of course [img][/img] ), she could probably be weaned off Flovent for periods of time. My son, no. Also, my daughter uses less Ventolin than my son and she doesn't even have asthma meds at school because her asthma has never been an issue during the day with her.

Then, of course, she got that other thing that we thought was "the croup" (I think I talked about it here already) and that just added more confusion into my aged brain.

But you do get it figured out.

If you check out the thread about me asking if I over-medicate my child, in Off Topic, you'll see that at one point in time Jesse was on three different puffers. He didn't need to be, but that's what the doctor prescribed and I simply followed instructions. Two puffs of Ventolin, one puff Intal, one puff Flovent twice daily. That's a heckuva lot of meds in a wee guy (2-1/2 then). The thing with Ventolin is you have to figure out when it is "required".

My 'scripts for Jesse never said "as required" on the Ventolin. They simply said two puffs twice a day.

It took me a LONG time to figure his asthma out and then with my daughter's and her's being different, it took me awhile to figure hers out as well.

Jesse, when he was wee, had exercise induced asthma. He doesn't now. I don't know why.

We do have the flare-up season from September month to May month where I live at least and that's always depressing because he always seems to be sick. My daughter is quite a bit more resilient.

But it is well controlled after a lot of figuring out. There are a LOT of people here dealing with asthma that can point you in the right direction with ANY question you might have and I really think you'll be okay (or your son will be). [img][/img]

Best wishes! [img][/img]