Arnold Bread

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My son is allergic to peanuts, brazil nuts, milk, eggs and shellfish. I have been using Arnold's Brick Oven White Bread for over 6 month's with no reaction. The first time I called I was told that they don't have dedicated lines and that they do make products with milk and eggs but that they are well aware of allergens, have strict clean-up procedures and exceed FDA guidelines. I was recently in the store and decided to see if they made a wheat bread. To my horror I saw that they made Nut Breads. I am sure that when I called the first time that I asked about peanuts and treenuts and was told there weren't any. Anyway, I just called and was told there are absolutely no peanuts but they do use treenuts.I was told the same thing about the cleaning process that they told me before. This time I asked if they did testing on the lines for any remaining protein after a product containing allergens was run and she said yes. Then she said but we can't be sure so if it is a life-threatening allergy you have to decide. I'm not sure that we were talking about the same kind of testing. Even though he hasn't had a reaction I am worried about any exposure to milk and eggs because I want to give him every opportunity to outgrow these allergies. That is why I try not to use products that aren't run on dedicated lines, but I haven't had any luck with homemade bread with substitutes. Although he has been tested for most treenuts and only Brazil nut has been positive so far I want to keep him away from treenuts because the allergist said he could still develop an allergy. I live in the US, I'm not sure if they sell this product in Cananda. Any thoughts would be appreciated.