Arizona Support Group


There are too many of us doing this alone! Lets get together!!!!!!!!!!!!


On Apr 18, 2003


I was wondering if you still live near the Phoenix area and if you have or know of a good PA pediatric allergist in that area. Do you like the one you have?

Thanks and stay safe.

Sue in Sunny Arizona

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On Apr 21, 2003

Hi Sue! I just emailed you info about the Phoenix area. Hope you had a safe and happy Easter! Stay in touch!! Lori


On Jun 23, 2004

Just wondering if there are any more folks from Arizona on this board.

Please stop in and post. It would be nice to hear from you.

Sue in Sunny Arizona

On Jun 24, 2004


We are in Gilbert, AZ. It sure would be nice to compare notes on local restaurants, play places and such.

A couple of restaurants that have been good to us are Red Robin and Serranos.

Amanda Gracie 2 1/2 yrs PNA/Tree Nut too Dan 5 3/4 yrs Seasonal Allergies

On Jun 25, 2004

I am from Phoenix, AZ as well. My daughter is TNA and possibly PA. She is two and eight month old.

I am in the process to look for a daycare/preschool for my daughter. It seems that Children's world, tuitor time and sunrise preshcool are all peanut/tree nut free in Phoenix.

What preschool/daycare do you kids go to?



On Sep 21, 2004


Lindsy's mom is a good contact (top post) in the Phoenix area! [img][/img]

Sue in Sunny Arizona

On Mar 4, 2005

Hello to all of the Arizona PA members. I'm new to PA and I'm 55 years old and live north of Sedona. I've been posting for a month but it just occured to me to check for an Az support group...and here you are! Seems this would be a great resource for restaurant recommendations, etc. I'll let you know if I find any safe places to eat in Sedona. Is anyone posting from Tucson? Many thanks, Adele

On Apr 21, 2005

Just saw this Arizona thread...

I'm from Tucson, 30 year old life-long PA and TNA.

Adrienne :-)

On Apr 22, 2005


Nice to see a couple of new posts. Welcome.

We have a peanut allergy support group in Tucson. The support group is also for other food allergies as well - there is more than one family with additional allegies. We meet once a month and, also, e-mail each other with questions and info.

If you are interested in the meeting info just drop me an e-mail. We would be thrilled to have you in the group.

Sue in Sunny Arizona

On May 20, 2005

Hello everyone, My name is jeannine - I emailed some of you individually - I've never joined an internet group before. We moved to Chandler last year. My 4 year old son has PA and we are looking to join or start a group locally. I need it as much as he does! I'd love to make a PA\TNA website for az - highlighting the different groups and helpful info on each city. It would help locals and visitors. I'm feeling ambitious!

On Aug 28, 2005

Just wondering... did a support group in Phx ever get started? I am looking for someone here to talk to about PA. Thanks, Andrea

On Nov 12, 2005

I know many PA com in Arizona are not frequent viewers here but I am organizing a Food Allergy Support Group "Interest Meeting" on December 7th at 6-9pm at the Chandler Regional Hospital Basic Conf. Rooms 1+2. The SanTanSun Newspaper said they will run some information about it. Other Newspapers said they will list it in Events. The school system has made it difficult for me to contact moms - privacy laws and all info has to be "district approved". I will drop off info at a few allergists offices in Chandler that I know. email if you want more info.

On Nov 12, 2005

I am interested, although Chandler is about an hour from my house. Phoenix is so big. I know about 4 or so other PA moms that I will pass along the info to. Is there going to be a topic, or just general questions/answers/getting to know each other. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help and I am very excited to attend. Andrea

On Jan 5, 2006

Hello again - I am trying to start up the Phoenix Allergy Network - I am in Chandler and we had our first meeting in December; among others, 7 moms with children having peanut allergies came.I am trying to secure a location for our January meeting. Please contact me if you are interested in being a part of our group. I am trying to set up a web page and our group may have to affiliate with a large nonprofit in order to get meeting rooms. It has been REALLY hard trying to find a location to hold meetings. Still working on it. I won't give up. Truly, Jeannine

On Jan 14, 2006

Hi Jeanine, Sorry I missed the first meeting. I thought I had kept the email about it, when actually I had deleted it. I definitely want to come to the next one. I work a lot of evenings so as far in advance as you can - please let me know so I can check my schedule. I do still have 4 friends or so that were interested in coming also. Thanks for all the work and organization you are doing to get this started. It is much needed here and I couldn't believe that when my son was dx almost 3 years ago that there wasn't anything here in the huge city for PA people. Thanks again. Andrea

On Feb 16, 2006

Phoenix Allergy Network is having its 3rd meeting on March 29th - please visit the website [url=""][/url] - it will feature a local popular allergist talking about anaphylaxis and allergies, a demo of a new epinephrine auto-injector, and learn more about asthma in schools and the FAAN Walk for Food Allergies coming soon to Phoenix. Email me if you have questions!! Thanks for reading - please come join us. Jeannine

On May 3, 2006

Hello Arizonans - or visitors to our state - Phoenix Allergy Network is growing rapidly - we have over 80+ members now - we have meetings every other month with professional speakers. We also have Share Time so parents can air some issues. we are trying to become a 501 3c nonprofit. Come join us - [url=""][/url]