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Argument for people who think allergic kids weaker

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I hope the link works, but here is the article.

Source: Austrian Science Fund Date: April 17, 2007 More on: Cancer, Breast Cancer, Allergy, Brain Tumor, Ovarian Cancer, Lung Cancer High Levels Of Antibodies, Low Levels Of Cancer?

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By Hrg2 on Apr 2, 2011

I never thought they were weaker. Just genetically inferior to the rest of the human race.

By I am Annie on Apr 2, 2011

How can you say that someone is genetically inferior, just because they have an allergy? It is people like you, who are both egotistical and ignorant, that prevents global tolerance of all people, regardless of who they are and how their bodies were created. Sounds to me like if you had your way, there would be a master race, where anyone, who fell below a set of standards, would not be or should be allowed to exist simply because they are not what you would call "Perfect".

By Hrg2 on Apr 2, 2011

I would not go that far but I believe that allergies that severe should not be treated. That will wipe out the genetic pool and there would be no more people with allergies. Its the same with ciclc cell anemia. Don't treat it and it goes away after a few generations. Sure people die but hey are going to die at some point anyway. As far as a master race goes there is no such thing. Just those that are "lesser" then others.

By jrn on May 22, 2012


You address several subjects (genetics, evolution, cicle [sic] cell anemia, etc.) that require extensive reading and study to understand.

Your grammar, spelling and sentence structure indicate that you are ill qualified to make the broad statements that characterize your posts.

This site is for people who share a common problem, not for armchair philosophers to engage in pseudo philosophical ranting.

Please refrain from harassing people on this site or you will be banned.

By Hrg2 on Apr 2, 2011

What is wrong with survival of the fittest? You pick the strongest to play defense in football, you want the smartest to work in physics. You want the fastest to run in the olympics. Where does the weakest fit in? I am not saying to ban meds all together but ifnyou can stop a genetic defect by simply letting the infected die off then only one generation, perhaps two will have any real impact. So, let them take the risks of living a normal life but do not bow down to them. Let them die if that is what nature has in mind for them. I believe only the worse cases will die off leaving those with mild forms of the allergy to move on and reproduce. I am not mentioning retroactive abortions or anything of the like but we need to really think about how we treat the genetic throwbacks. I do not think the public should bend to there needs. Before too long a kid could be expelled and there parents face charges for having peanut butter in there house. There are some parents on this site that believe that should be the case. The think that by feeding your kid peanut butter toast in the morning and sending them to same school as there little precious is paramount to child abuse. You are abusing there child by feeding your child a common and cheap food stuff. Before too long you could face jail time for smoking on a public street or be arrested for drinking in a bar because you pose a potential risk to the public should you happen to drive. Imagine someone yelling you that you should be in prison because you own a gun in a neighborhood where there are children.

By I am Annie on Apr 2, 2011

Why stop there? How about if we just get rid of medicine all together? If we take away all medicine, then it is only going to be survival of the fittest. I wonder if you would fall in that class... The truth is, even if you stop treating medical conditions, there are still going to be people that are born with birth defects, develop illnesses throughout their life and accidents change bodies too. No matter what you do, treat now with the medicine that is available or do not. Either way, medical problems will ALWAYS exist.

By jacob22 on May 22, 2012

This is totally wrong. Allergic reaction helps to weak immune system in children. Directly they shows the impact on children fitness. That's why they seen weak.