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Posted on: Sat, 11/04/2000 - 8:37am
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Well, I'm 5'11" - definitely not petite. ( My husband is 6'2'') My 17 moth old PA son is in the 95% for height & weight. BTW, he has brown hair & brown eyes. My husband's family does not have allergies. Everyone in my family (me, mom, dad, sister, nephews) has allergies- environmental allergies- no food allergies. Here's the interesting part- my mom is part Irish decent.

Posted on: Mon, 11/06/2000 - 12:58am
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I have met several asian peanut allergic people, both of vietnamese and chinese descent. I think there is a little more to this than "Irish".
The San Jose mercury news had an article about a company that is trying to get a genetic profile on 20 diseases. They list it as [url="http://www.DNA.com"]www.DNA.com[/url] and the company as DNA Sciences of Mountain View, CA. They were looking for subjects with athsma, MS, diabetes, etc. The other companies they cited were DeCode Genetics and Framingham Genomic Medicine. I have no further info. I cut out the article, but have never looked into it further.
If we really wanted to find a genetic basis, maybe we could try and get funding for a company like this to actually run a scientific study. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could give and infant a blood test to check for this tendency? Then you could do your best to avoid early exposure to the allergen.

Posted on: Mon, 11/06/2000 - 2:10am
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Hi everyone! Well the luck of Irish is here! I'm about 1/4 Irish, 1/4 English (Welsh) and 1/2 German. My husband is of English and German descent. He also has the incredible long eye lashes and some allergies that he passed along to our kids. We both have dark curly hair and fair complexions that tan easily.
As for IQ's my non-PA daughter recently scored in the top 1/10th of 1% on the WPPSI-Preschool IQ assessment. My son is too young to be tested but has been evaluated at my daughters school for the gifted and is accepted for the 2001 school year. It is presumed that he will be within a few IQ points of big sister. We'll wait another year before testing him.
It may be of interest to a poster above that my daughter was speech delayed. She hardly said a word at 2 1/2. It was determined that since we taught her baby sign language that she could communicate just fine - so why talk? Now she never stops talking! We look back on some pictures of her signing and really miss it! We didn't teach Philip baby sign language because we were concerned about this language thing. He was an early and avid talker - the two of them never stop.
Someone once told me that God gives you what you can handle. So I guess you need to be more intelligent that the average Joe to deal with this allergy.
My husband and I have no idea what our IQ's are - we've never been tested, but he did have almost a perfect score on his high school SATs. As for me - people have varying opinions, LOL!
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Posted on: Mon, 11/06/2000 - 2:34am
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off topic here....
Philip's Mom-- We also taught Matt some simple signs to use, and he does still use some of them. For the most part, though, once he started using the actual word he quit using the sign. A couple of friends had said to me that we should have him in speech therapy, etc, but we felt that as long as he was communicating in some form it wasn't necessary. I miss seeing him make the signs too! It's sooo cute to watch! =) 'please' and 'dinosaur' are my favorites for him to do. He still uses both of those signs.

Posted on: Mon, 11/06/2000 - 2:46am
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really off topic:
phillip's mom, I scored a perfect LSAT score (law school admissions) and that qualifies for an automatic membership in MENSA. I would suspect your husband's SAT score would do the same!

Posted on: Mon, 11/06/2000 - 3:21am
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A few people have mentioned German heritage, so for the record, I thought I'd mention mine - my mother was 100% German.
As far as intelligence goes, that theory's blown - I'm pretty stupid and my husband's just an out and out dimwit. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/tongue.gif[/img]
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Posted on: Mon, 11/06/2000 - 4:02am
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Dear jh5000
Thankyou! I actually laughed and smiled for the first time today. Love it!

Posted on: Mon, 11/13/2000 - 1:09am
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Hi! For the record I am a 5'6" German with a little English and Dutch. My husband is a 5"6" German (due to hieght I had to get rid of all my heels, but that is possibly another thread). There are some slight animal, dust and environmental allergies in our families, but no nuts.(I mean allergies to peanuts, I can't truthfully say there aren't a few nuts on my side of the family). Looking back at my pregnancy, I did crave peanuts. I purchased a five pound bag of peanut m and m's and would have a small cup from the bag every day. Could this be a key?

Posted on: Wed, 11/15/2000 - 1:20am
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Here's my two cents - I am of Irish and German descent. My wife is Japanese (and yes, she is very petite). Our son, who is PA, has Japanese characteristics, i.e. black hair, etc. Although he is more fair skinned than most Japanese, he is darker than me.
We know of a family in our town with a PA son, and they are of Middle Eastern descent (maybe Turkish or Pakastan). I think PA can occur in anyone.

Posted on: Wed, 11/15/2000 - 1:21am
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Here's my two cents - I am of Irish and German descent. My wife is Japanese (and yes, she is very petite). Our son, who is PA, has Japanese characteristics, i.e. black hair, etc. Although he is more fair skinned than most Japanese, he is darker than me.
We know of a family in our town with a PA son, and they are of Middle Eastern descent (maybe Turkish or Pakastan). I think PA can occur in anyone.


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