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We are in Florida for the holiday.

About an hour after dinner the other night, at (I think) Seafood Legal, DD said she wasn't feeling well - we were shopping at a HUGE mall....we headed back to the hotel and I gave her some Gravol for her stomach. She went to bed early (for her).

Next morning she showed me a number of itchy spots, they were flat, red, not bumpy like bug bites. She got more of them, on different parts of her body. She is taking Benadryl, and is using Benadryl cream for the spots.

I'm not sure whether this is from the food at the restaurant - they DO have nuts, I discovered walnuts at the bottom of my salad, and she did have clam chowder as an appetizer, and then fish and chips - all of which she's had before (just not there!)

It could just be bug bites, or something from the ocean....

Do hives reappear in the same place? DO they have to be raised?

She is feelinmg okay, just that the Benadryl really makes her tired, and her spots are still itchy.

Any ideas, hints, facts....?


On Dec 30, 2006

Do they, by chance, look like the pic here: [url=""][/url] ? If they do, get out of that hotel PRONTO and demand your money back. Bed bugs are making a huge comeback in hotels across the states. If you think it's bed bugs, be sure to take pictures of your daughter's bites and any evidence in the room for documentation purposes (like red or black spots on the sheets, etc.) And before you bring any of your clothing or your things into your house, be sure to check the web to find out how to get them out of your things so you don't bring them into your house. There's some info here: [url=""][/url]

For your daughter's sake, I actually hope this was a x-contamination reaction, because knowing I was bitten to pieces by bugs in my sleep would creep me out to no end. I rip my hotel rooms apart the second I go in to make sure there's no chance of bed bugs [img][/img]

On Dec 30, 2006

My guess is that it is probably sand gnat bites. They are small round itchy spots that will drive you nuts itching them! There is a little info here: [url=""][/url] about them.

On Dec 30, 2006

Just be careful using the Benadryl cream and Benadryl liquid or tablets at the same time. The cream is absorbed through the skin, so a person could theoretically overdose on Benadryl if they were using both at the same time.


On Dec 30, 2006

My worst sesame reaction included what I have described as hives, but they had no raised bumps. I had overall inflamed areas, and the affected areas (upper arms, shoulders and back), if you looked at me from a few feet away, might look like a red map. It wasn't just blotches--it looked like I had continents and penninsulas on me, albeit red ones.

This may not be what you're seeing, but suffice it to say that yes, you can have hive-like symptoms w/o raised bumps.

My facial hives (had some this week in fact) are often red streaks or Os or Vs with no raised bumps, but they itch like crazy! A few weeks ago I had them, and they lasted for three days.

Ditto the info about duplicating the benadryl cream and the benadryl. I actually have found regular bendadryl more effective than the extra strength (2%) cream, but that's me.

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