Are there Medic alert braclets available for PA?


Are there braclets available somewhere for PA? I have seen some patches.. thanks! julie

On Mar 4, 2000

Hello, Medic Alert, make a bracelet that you child can when all the time, stainless steel, at the back you can have them inscribe the necessary info: ANAPHYLAXIS ALLERGY PEANUT/NUT uses epi-pen. They only list epi-pen as drug to be used. Starts the EMT looking for it. The Medic alert people keep a dossier of your child's necessary contact info. Medical #'s. contact names ect. The service is available world wide and offers assistance in 91 languages. For patches see note in products...........

On Mar 5, 2000

I plan to go to my local jeweler/engraving shop in the mall. They sell Medical Alert look-a-likes (bracelets or necklaces). The necklace emblem is only $12 and I can engrave what I feel is necessary. I wasn't happy when I received my Medical Alert info. that stated EMS would have to make a "collect" call to get the info. I feel they should have a toll-free number as part of their service.

There is another post on this site where someone was inquiring about medical alert tags you can fasten to shoe laces. Do a search and read more about it.