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Posted on: Mon, 11/03/2003 - 2:13pm
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Megan's allergist had her RAST tested first--in case of any severe allergies. He said anything that was positive, we would not even skin test. Anything negative that I felt she might be reacting to--we would skin test, since it was a more sensitive test.
Megan tested negative on everything on the RAST. (She was only 13 months old at the time). She was positive to peanuts, wheat, and fish on her skin tests. We are not sure if the fish is accurate or not--we just avoid it anyway. We thought the wheat was a false positive also. It turned out to be accurate. It was hard to detect, since her symptoms were subtle and very different from her other allergens. She also reacts to milk, soy, and we think she also had a reaction to walnuts (through breastmilk).
Her allergist said that no test is 100%--except oral challenge. And of course you don't want to do that with peanuts and a family history of PA!!
Our plan is to keep peanuts/nuts out for now and do more blood work sometime before Megan starts school. If that turns up negative, we will do a skin test. If that is negative, we may try an oral challenge, but only at the doctor's office.
I would be furious with the allergist for not ordering the test--and offering food treats to food allergic children!! I would not even go back and would find a different allergist to do the testing.--Just my opinion!


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