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Are more allergic because of? Biotechnology Research

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Here are some sights about peanuts and also peanut bioengineering you may want to explore.

If you know something about this subject or want to explore it further please contact me as well as post here.

Some questions that have been asked: Is it possible that something has been done to the peanut that happens to have made more people allergic to it? What work is being done to change the peanut so it may not effect us?

Biotechnology Research [url=""][/url]

Peanut somatic embryo genesis and transformation [url=""][/url]

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On Mar 5, 1999

There was an article in the Chemical and Engineering News Sept. 7 1998 issue which talked about the research to try and alter the allergenic proteins in peanuts. The researcher in the article was Gary A. Bannon and he is a professor of biochemistry and molecular biology at the University of Arkansas. Although I find this approach interesting, if they succeed and bring such a product to market I would still keep peanuts out of my son's diet. Instead of asking whether or not a product had peanuts I would have to ask what kind of peanuts-regular or genetically altered. This is definitely expecting too much from the general public and too much for a small child to understand and apply to everyday living.

On Mar 5, 1999

I guess my hope would be that if the bioengineering technique is successful, then sometimes in the not too distant future all peanuts would be genetically altered. I pray for this for all of us.

On Mar 5, 1999

Hopefully if scientists are successful in developing an allergenic-free pn plant, all peanut growers would want to use only the altered varity. After all, isn't it in their best interests to make a product that doesn't kill people?!

I have heard (on this board?) the peanut growers are doing their own pn allergy research. Does anyone have info on this?

On Mar 7, 1999


I read on a peanut web page (perhaps in a press release that the peanut industry was funding research, but it didn't give specific information. I would hope that the peanut industry would be interested in working on a cure, but confess that I'm not that trusting of press release information because it is usually crafted very carefully to get people's attention and doesn't always reflect accurately what is happening.


On Mar 22, 1999

Unfortunately even if the US market is open to Bioengineered peanuts many foreign markets are not - most european countries do not allow bioengineered food products to be sold & they have guidelines as to what and how much can be contained in a product. Peanuts will always be here - for us to avoid!