Are epi-pens water proof??


Well, it finally happened... yesterday my son's epi-pen accidentally got thrown in the wash. It was in its original case. The case had water in it, and I have no idea if the epi-pen is still okay.

Has anyone else had this experience and can enlighten me? I don't really want to have to fork over another $95 for a new one!!!

On Oct 22, 2006

I don't know if their water proof, but can tell you that Ryan has gone swimming with his epipen in a Protectube.

I sew a pocket inside his swim trunks and close it with a basting stitch (once the epipen is inside the pocket). The basting stitch is strong enough to keep it closed, but can easily be ripped open with a good, strong tug in a pinch.

The Protectube keeps his epipen nice and dry.

On Oct 22, 2006

Yeah, we have a protectube but it's with E's other epi-pen. This one was just in the case it comes with from the pharmacy, in his medipouch. I'm going to call the pharmacy today to see what they think. If there's any question at all we'll replace it. And we'll put it in the protectube!!!

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