Are dunkin donuts safe for a PA child?

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I've never tried giving my son dunkin donuts - his only allergy is peanuts. Are they safe?

Thanks for any info. Stacey

On Apr 13, 2004

I saw Dunkin Donuts a church about a month ago that had chopped peanuts on them. The ones around here (Indiana/Chicagoland area)have always had those as long as I remember, so of course we don't consider them safe.

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On Apr 13, 2004

I've never tried Dunkin Donuts for my dd as I recall reading about peanut toppings and the potential for cross contamination.

So we've stuck with Krispy Kremes, since as far as I know, they are safe. My dd has had those without incident.

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On Apr 13, 2004

My daughter eats Dunkin Donuts without incident. I have never seen the peanut covered donuts in the stores near here, so maybe they are just not a popular choice in our area. She has eaten munchkins, chocolate frosted, and jelly, to my recollection.

So, bottom line, we are comfortable with Dunkin Donuts.

On Apr 13, 2004

My son used to eat Dunkin Donuts but one time we found crushed peanuts in the box. Since then we haven't let him have any because all the D-D near us have the peanut donuts. But if we found a shop that doesn't have the peanut kind, then we would let him have the donuts there.

On Apr 13, 2004

I am definitely not comfortable giving my DS Dunkin Donuts. I do however feel 100% comfortable w/ Krispy Kreme seeing they are nut free.

On Apr 14, 2004

I live in Southeastern Massachusetts and noticed at some Dunkin Donuts drive through window a sticker warning that "due to changes in manufacturers, the wheat, salsa and one other bagel (I can't remember which), may contain nuts". I called Dunkin Donuts and the reply was that the new manufacturer for bagels also process nuts in their plants. I'm also not sure if this is an isolated issue here in Southeastern Mass!

My DS can't have donuts due to his milk and egg allergy, but have bought the blueberry bagels without incident (since that wasn't on the warning list).


On Apr 14, 2004

I have seen the crushed peanuts on Dunkin Donuts so I do not let my son eat any their food.

He loves Krispy Kreme so that is what he eats. (Have to admit, they are my downfall especially heated up in the microwave with a big cup of coffee). [img][/img]

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On Apr 14, 2004

My son is allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. I do not allow him to eat the regular donuts, but am okay with the munchkins.

On Apr 14, 2004

Aren't one flavor of the munchkins covered w/ nuts. I've had them but I honestly couldn't tell if they were nuts or a crunch coating? I don't let DS eat them so I never bothered to ask about them. Does anyone know?

On Apr 14, 2004

My son eats dunkin donuts.I never saw peanuts on them at all.

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On Apr 14, 2004

Just an FYI..

From what I understand there are 2 different kind of dunkin donuts... franchise and invidividually owned. One makes donuts with peanuts, and one does not. Our local one does not so my kids have eaten there without incident. However, my dd ate munchkins from another dd and she did get hives!