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Arah2 level to pass a food challenge?

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My almost 3 year old has been scheduled for a peanut challenge. Current arah2 number has declined to .22 with past history of anaphylaxis. Does anyone know the number that determines if a patient could safely pass? Or has anyone passed a food challenge that can enlighten me? Thank you.

By GailMail on Dec 30, 2015

A food challenge is a must with that low of a number. Dr Zachary Jacobs: "I have seen a kid with a peanut IgE of 12 and ara h2 IgE of 5 pass his challenge with flying colors. I have also seen a kid with a walnut IgE of 0.6 fail a challenge on the first dose."


By GailMail on Dec 30, 2015

Yes, that is very low. Allergies are unpredictable but: "Your allergist’s recommendation to proceed with an oral food challenge once your daughter’s peanut IgE level drops below 2 kU/L is based on research showing that the chance of passing a peanut challenge is greater than 50 percent at levels less than 2."