Applied Kinesiology - has anyone tried alternative medicine to treat an allergy?

Posted on: Thu, 03/04/1999 - 3:45am
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My daughter is almost 2. It took 3 mild reactions (only reddness and itching) before we narrowed the allergen down to peanuts. I knew that peanut allergies usually get worse so I started looking for possible solutions. Several friends at La Leche League have had their childrens allergies (none as severe as peanut) treated successfully by a Chiropractor using applied kinesiology. Another friend had her son's dairy and wheat allergies (which were more severe) treated by another chiropractor with some hopeful results - no change in the dairy but the wheat allergy went away for 4 months (he ate wheat during that time). There are two MD's here in town that claim to be able to eliminate peanut allergies using techniques based on kinesiology.

Anyway I'm looking for more info...real experiences of people would be best - not claims of the practitioner.

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Posted on: Thu, 03/04/1999 - 4:44am
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Lisa, I know you asked for personal experiences with alternative treatments and I have not tried any but I thought you might be interested in the web addresses for the American Chiropractic Association [[url]][/url] and the Canadian Chiropractic Association [[url]][/url]. Both organizations participate in controlled studies of usual vs. alternative therapies in conjunction with medical research facilities around the world and may have information that is of interest to you. Both sites offer the opportunity to e-mail questions to the organization.
Hope this helps you.

Posted on: Thu, 03/04/1999 - 8:38am
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Posted on: Thu, 03/04/1999 - 11:31am
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Please don't go back!!! The FAN has never discussed this as an option, nor have the major researchers presented this idea to us as an alternative solution or 'cure'. Avoidance is the only way to prevent a reaction now. This is far too risky and our children's lives are too precious!

Posted on: Thu, 03/04/1999 - 11:55am
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I would do anything for my child. I will practice avoidance regardless of alternative treatment...the price is to high...and even if the allergy was treated it could come back anytime... BUT one more thing I'm willing to do for my child is open my mind. There are those out there who believe it to be treatable. I'm just trying to gather information and follow all the leads. I don't want my daughter to find out later that it was treatable but only early on when it was still mild. I guess I don't expect to find someone who has used alternative treatment effectively here because...well why would they be here? But negative experiences with attempts at alternative treatment are informative as well.

Posted on: Thu, 03/04/1999 - 12:20pm
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Lisa, I agree with you! My sister is a chiropractor and neuromuscular massage therapist in Marietta, GA. She also has her B.S. in Nutrition. She has mentioned the connection before regarding chiropractic treatments and allergies. My son does see a chiropractor for his allergic rhinitis but I also abstain from any/all peanut products and he continues to see his pediatric allergist yearly as well as his pediatrician. I am in no way going to tell someone what they should do or not do for their child...I can only base things on my own situation.
My feeling is that if I have a "closed" mind regarding "different" style of treatments, then I feel I am not any better off than the people I am trying to educate who have a "closed" mind to the dangers of the peanut allergy. As with anything, education is the key.
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Posted on: Thu, 03/04/1999 - 12:51pm
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Take your child to a board certified allergist. The New England Journal of Medicine in the last month or so had a study that chiropractor manipulation for asthma was no better than placebo. If an adult wants to try alternative medicine so be it, I would not try it on a child.

Posted on: Thu, 03/04/1999 - 9:45pm
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There are no regulations concerning alternative medicines & herbal remedies etc. You have no way to know possible dangers etc except for what chriopractor tells you. Never take one person's word for it when it concerns the lfe of your child. The herbal/alternative medicine world has its place - but it is not for kids. I had researched the use of a few herbal treatments for my older daughter for a different medical problem and was unable to find any evidence whatsoever that they were safe or effective. Safety is the key - especially when it takes so little with a peanut allergy to die - that's not a chance I would take with my kids.

Posted on: Fri, 03/05/1999 - 1:25am
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I'm sure there are many, many conditions where alternative/herbal/chiropractor treatment is appropriate. BUT not for the treatment of food allergies. This has nothing to do with being closed minded. The more scientific literature you read regarding food allergies you will quickly learn there is no other treatment. Especially with a life-threatening allegy such as nuts (as opposed to wheat.) And if there is such a successful treatment has the "doctor" given you the DATA from FDA regulated clinical trials to support this??? I won't allow my kid to be an experiment.
Allergies are a disease of the immune system, I don't understand the connetion between chiropractic science and immunology.

Posted on: Fri, 03/05/1999 - 4:07am
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I do believe that all comments and suggestions are made out of genuine concern for all involved. Many, including mine, are based somewhat on fear. I have been given much advice along the way, asking me to change the way I handle this allergy. That's why I'm on this site. After four years of reading everything I can get my hands on, I know I still have so much more to learn. We are all trying to achieve the same end-result. I am willing to read about this approach to managing allergies. Are there any articles available out there??

Posted on: Fri, 03/05/1999 - 4:59am
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Mary Catherine, I agree with your sense of this situation. While I probably am not going to try any alternative therapies for my son, I am trying to keep an open mind. That is also why I posted the Chiropractic Associations websites. These are mainstream, legitimate governing bodies in their respective countries and I hoped that they could answer Lisa's questions. I have tried this approach with library patron's questions and have received balanced replies, including one that said don't believe your chiropractor if he/she is promising 'x' [not an allergy question]. I would be happy to hear from Lisa regarding any responses she gets if she tries this approach.


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