Anyone visited Club Med?


We are going to Club Med, Ixtapa in Jan 2004. We went last year and had no exposures. We are hoping that they have made some improvements since it is a family resort and many children with allergies have some and gone. Has anyone had a good/ bad experience at a Club Med? Any luck working with Club Med at their Florida headquarters prior to their trip to make accomodations for your child? For example, the bar area (which is open to families) serves spiced peanuts. Any suggestions?

On Oct 20, 2003

I have been lurking on these boards for a very long time and have just registered. I was about to post on good experiences with Club Med when I saw your post! I am really excited to hear how your Ixtapa trip goes -- we've never ventured out of the country yet but did go to Florida last April.

My pa/tna son was just 3. I spoke with the head chef and kids club manager (names escape me now)a couple of times. For my comfort level, they were very helpful. One of the counsellors ended up crying when confronting a kitchen worker about serving pesto on the kids buffet. He assured her it was NOT pine nut based (as it often is) but she was so angry to see it there anyway (her best friend was PA so was very aware and protective). The nurse was on-call on site 24/7 if I remember correctly. They made sure the kids buffet at lunch had absolutely nothing nutty in it and ds had a specially colored place mat. The checked and confirmed all the regular kid fare was nut free and for any other dishes I wanted to try, I'd just check and they really new what was in each dish.

What I found out was that they had had a bad experience (I think a child that had a reaction to non-nut bread which was cross-contaminated from the knife that sliced walnut bread) and had ramped up all their education, had training stuff from FAAN, etc. We obviously didn't let him eat any bread or desserts which did have nuts but did let him have the vanilla soft serve which they checked and assured me nothing else had ever been in the same machine.

It was a BIG hurdle for us to get over and I have wondered if I would have the same response abroad. Anxious to hear how your pre-trip discussions have gone with them.

On Dec 14, 2003

We are/were supposed to go to Ixtapa, Club Med the day after Christmas. We just got our tickets in the mail and the reservation says some other resort (not even Club Med) in Cancun! My MIL made the reservations through a travel agent in NY so we won't know anything more until tomorrow. When will you be arriving? We are supposed to be there from the 26th to the 2nd of January.