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Anyone use the Epinephrine-Mate - Plastic EpiPen Holder

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When we were in GA the military hospital there had Twinject so that is what we carried. Those are getting ready to expire so at DS's 18 month appt I had the dr. write the script for new ones. I guess the military hospital here in TX carries only the EpiPen. I liked the Twinject because there is a handy little clip that goes on perfectly on a pocket on my purse. The EpiPens they gave me have no clips.

I found the Epinephrine-Mate - Plastic EpiPen Holder online but I can't for the life of me find a picture that shows me the clip on it. Does anyone use this holder? Is there a regular clip on the back? Do you like it?


On Jul 29, 2008

It is amazing what you can find on ebay. :) Please check out the auction to see if it is the same one you are looking at.


Carry with the belt clip or hook and strap. Use the magnets to visibly store case on refrigerator or medicine cabinet. Waterproof stick-on labels display allergy information and personal identification. Top sliders provide privacy. Two cases can easily be attached together. Antihistamine and prescription storage. UV protected and water-resistant. Float ring. Latex-free. Package contains 1 Epinephrine-Mate case and accessories (Auto-injector not included).


On Jul 30, 2008

Those are the ones I was looking at alright! That picture gave me a closer view too. Thanks!!! Although I'm not sure I need dozen of them! LOL! :-)