Anyone Tried New Test?

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Found this article on google about a new test that is supposed to tell you how allergic you are to peanuts. Cost $300 bucks and I don't think insurance covers it, but if it works it would be good to actually know how allergic my son is. Has anyone tried it or heard any news about it? Thanks!


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By kristal77 on Oct 1, 2012

Hi Jason! We just got the results back today for Uknow Peanut and they were not what we were hopping for. Our son has always been barely positive for RAST test and the results came back with a High Positive. Meaning his chances of having a Severe Reaction are high.

I am still Happy we did the test because we were really starting to think he didn't have a Peanut Allergy and were becoming more relaxed. Now we know we have to be extremely careful.


By jacksdaddy on Oct 2, 2012

Thanks for sharing, I was really surprised that no one else had tried it. Can you explain what the test told you? The way my doctor explained component testing is that were say 9 proteins (he may have used an arbitrary number) that make up a peanut and if you were allergic to a specific protein you would have an anaphylactic reaction but if you weren't you might just have hives, etc. I thought that test would tell you which components you were allergic to and what the reaction could be. When you said barely positive on a RAST test, what is barely to you? I think the last time we did a blood test, which is what I think a RAST test is, my son was just above a 5. Thanks!

By kristal77 on Oct 5, 2012

Let me give you a little background on my son. At 10 months we had him food allergy tested and it came back for Peanut. Every year we did Rast test, it when from .81 to .54 in a 4 year span. So he was was a Class1. He has never had a reaction or an accidental ingestion that we know of.

The test came back with him allergic to one of the components, the Ara h 2. This one is in the Severe category and the one that is the most associated with Systemic allergic reaction. So not what we were hoping to hear. That is all the information they gave us which was surprising.

Although we were not expecting the results we got we are still glad we did the test. We were starting to get a little more relaxed with the allergy and now we know that has to change.

If you are looking for a Dr. in your area that might do the test just go to the UKnow Peanut website and act like you are purchasing the test. You will enter info about where you live and then it will ask what Dr. you are using and will bring up the list of Dr. in you area ( that is if there is one).

I hope this information helps.