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Anyone living with PA in Singapore, Bahrain, Korea, Japan?

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Hi. I have a young son with PA and currently live in the U.S. There is a very strong possibility that I may have to move to either Singapore, Bahrain, Korea, or Japan for work in the next few months. Does anyone have experience living in these countries with PA? Specifically, I am wondering about food labeling at the grocery store (are common allergens listed on labels as well as food processed in the same facility)? Are ingredients listed in English? Do restaurant managers understand the seriousness of food allergies and cross contact? How are emergency services for treating anaphylaxis? Are Epi-pens commonly prescribed?

If we move, we will be living there for several years, and I will have to shop at the local grocery stores, use local doctors/hospitals, etc. I'm very concerned about keeping my son safe and would greatly appreciate any insight you can provide.


By Mler on Jan 4, 2013

We just came back from a 14 days trip from Hong Kong and Singapore. The trip went well, but we were extremely careful with the food.

Ok, first of all, there are nuts every where in Singapore. They even have nuts in their Campbell chicken noodle soups....yes if they are made in Thailand or Malaysia. So it is best if you buy import items from USA, Austrailia...but that's also means your grocery bill will be extra expensive. You are also safe with Japanese or Korean made products, because they usually don't use nuts in their products and their labeling is also better than Malaysian or Thailand made food.

Most singaporean speaks English, but they don't really have an understanding of Nuts allergy. So it is very very important that you explain to them in details. Best to stick with hotel or high end western or japanese food. We didn't go to any chinese restaurants. Check out is a blog site created by a family that lives in singapore with nut allergy.

Not a lot of people speak english in Korea or it is best that you get some kind of written note prepared before going out to eat. But again, both countries do not use a lot of peanut products in their diet, so it may not be that bad.

I hope this help.

Good luck with your move.