Anyone know the criteria for those \"ineligible\" for the new shot under development?

Posted on: Sun, 03/30/2003 - 2:20am
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Another BB I visit had a few members who went to the FAAN conference and heard the doctors speak about the new peanut allergy shots currently in trial (well, as soon as they stop fighting it will be in trial again). Anyway, she said they were told that if the total IGe was over 1000 (as her DD is) then the patient would not be eligible for the shot. Anyone have better info? A total IGe of 1000 seems incredibly high. My DD is a class 5 for PA and the IGe for peanuts is only 41.1. Seems like 1000 is REALLY excessive.


Posted on: Sun, 03/30/2003 - 1:05pm
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Hi Carolyn,
I heard Dr. Wood's talk at the FAAN Conference in Balt. Was somewhat unclear on what he ment by total IGE- whether that is toward one allergy(peanut) or everything person is allergic to. I am also uncertain if the 41.? you quotes re your child is percentage IGe or if the scale that used to be printed beside it is what he is talking about. My DS is >100 to peanut but scale beside it stated 5000 something (I haven't seen that scale in long time for my son i guess because he scores are so high for lots of things.
I'll double check my notes. But I do remember kids with more of the atopic genes being manifested were not candadites either.
I was rather disappointed that so much fuss was being made over a very costly possible treatment for such a limited number of PA.

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