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Anyone interested in Peanut Free Cape Cod vacation rental?

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I emailed Chris here at before posting this to see if it would be ok to bring this up, being sort of an advertisment and all, and got his go ahead, (Thanks Chris!) so here goes:

My husband and I and our 3 young boys have a vacation home in Harwich, which is in the middle of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. My kids are 9, 6, and 3. Middle boy has class 6 peanut allergy, and avoiding all tree nuts, diagnosed at around 1 yr old, so we have been successfully dealing with it for quite some time. Our Cape home is as safe and nut-free as our home home. We do not rent it out, or allow extended family there without us being there. Yes, we're mean, but it is our sanctuary, and we don't want to worry about what was cooked in our safe pans or spilled on our safe rug, etc...

We are not there all of the time, and it sits empty a lot. Would any of you folks be interested in renting our cottage for a late spring, summer, or early fall getaway?

We have never done this, and would not consider renting to non-allergic people. The only families who would truly understand what we have to deal with are peanut allergic themselves.

Oh yeah, we deal with cat/dog allergies, so no pets, and the 3 boys have asthma, so the place is as asthma friendly as we can possibly get.

Some pertinant details: 3 bedrooms--1 queen, 1 has bunkbeds, 1 has full sized crib soon to be replaced with toddler bed all beds have allergy mattress encasements fully remodeled/asthma friendly/special filters on ducts air conditioned! full house, new unit full bath washer/dryer small but normal kitchen with microwave, stove, full sized fridge sunroom deck tv/dvd/video/cable cd player you name it, it's probably there 1/2 mile to beach in the middle of everything cape cod quiet neighborhood

So what do you think? Might there be any interest? We want to test the waters before coming up with a formal "plan"

Feel free to email me at [email][/email]

edited to add: dates and rates are now available, you must email me to have them sent to you (if you haven't already), thanks! And thanks for all the interest!

Thanks for reading! Amy

------------------ Neil's Mom

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On Apr 5, 2007

I sent you an email.

On Apr 5, 2007

I sent you an email. I think it is a great idea to only rent to those with food allergies!!! Nicole

On Apr 5, 2007

Wow! 4 emails already!

I knew there might be a gap to fill in the peanut allergy world!

So this could be a Real thing! We weren't sure if anyone would be interested, but 4 replies in a couple of hours says Go Right Ahead!!

So, we are putting together a formal plan this evening, with weeks and rates. Cool. And Exciting! Never thought I would be happy about this cruel allergy, but I am so glad to be able to do this for PA families.

Thanks, Chris, again, for allowing us to throw this out there!


------------------ Neil's Mom

On Apr 5, 2007

Sent an e-mail!

On Apr 5, 2007

oh my gosh--- (did i just write gosh? I'm getting soft in my old age...) 7 emails so far.

Who wants to give advice/been there/done that/would do differently? I'll be a sponge soaking it up. Thanks!

------------------ Neil's Mom

On Apr 5, 2007

I would be interested as well!

On Apr 6, 2007

I would be interested ...i live on an island ....very close to you....

On Apr 7, 2007

Hi Amy,

We would be interested as well. We were planning on travelling to Florida this summer but this sounds ever so much nicer. We maintain a peanut free house, P/A DS is 9 and I have an 11 year old DD and a 17 year old DD. We would be travelling from Ottawa, Ontario. Feel free to email me at: [email][/email]

Take care,


On Apr 8, 2007

JennB, and falcon, please email me if you want more info so I can send it off to you, thanks! Trying to figure out who's who. My email is at the bottom of my first post

Thanks everyone! Lots of interest, 14 families. Maybe I need to start a peanut-free B&B........ Amy

------------------ Neil's Mom

On Apr 8, 2007

What an idea! A peanut/treenut-free getaway! That would solve our vacation plans. We have 3 boys - 9,7 and 4 1/2. All 3 have asthma. Middle is severe PA and little guy is allergic to pistachios/cashews. Let us know what kind of rates and logistics on your place - we'd love a vacation spot that was safe!

On Apr 8, 2007

Hi NCMom, Dates and rates are ready, email me and I'll send them to you. I don't go by emails listed in profiles, so many are out of date and it is just easier to hit the "reply" button KWIM? thanks! Amy

------------------ Neil's Mom

On Apr 12, 2007

We already have vacation plans for this summer though I would love to consider renting it another time, possibly next year. What a great idea!

On Apr 16, 2007

Just wanted to let everyone know that the cottage pictures were just sent out, check your email. If you didn't get anything from me and were expecting it, please let me know via email and I'll get it to you straight away. Thanks to everyone who was interested, I am really looking forward to this new adventure. You're going to love it!


------------------ Neil's Mom

On Apr 18, 2007

WOW what a great idea. When I told my husband, he said he will definatly consider it for next year. The only problem is I have to bring my parents (so 6 of us) with me because they have always helped take care of our children until I quit my job last July to stay home with them. We are in a midst of discussing whether we should invest in a class b RVs for vacationing. Both my children 4 and 5 have PA and TNA.

On Apr 24, 2007

I can't figure out how to email you.

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On Aug 9, 2007

Might you have any recommendations for safe restaurants near Harwich, particularly east of Harwich? Thanks!

On Aug 13, 2007

Hi Cookie, Just seeing your question today, have been away from computer, getting the place ready for a new PA family. We have a short list of Cape Cod places that we have eaten at or carried away from, but of course you will want to double check each time, as we do. Hope this is not too late for you, and that it helps anyone travelling in the area. Because we have a full kitchen, most of our meals are made there, and we will pack a picnic if we head out of the area. So far so good: (but again! double check please!) Wendy's in Yarmouth, Hyannis, and I believe Orleans or Brewster McDonald's in Hyannis A+W in Harwich, although haven't done the icecream/floats Brax in Harwich, kid's menu, advised not to eat dinner rolls by owner, baked off site, but PA son does fine with the hamburger rolls, just tell waitstaff about allergy. The Egg and I in Dennis, only that location, owner has lifelong peanut allergy. Seafood Sam's all locations The Lobster Boat in Yarmouth, again, kid's menu Be aware that many pizza places will say no nuts, right in front of the baklava (greek honey and walnut pastry)sitting on the counter. Craigsville Pizza and Mexican, I quizzed them last year about mole sauce and they said they made their own, no peanut butter, chili appeared safe as well. My son ate the pizza (take out) and was fine. 2 other pizza places in Harwich--George's and Harwich house of Pizza sell baklava, my sone had gastric symptoms/diarrea after eating there, can't remember which one it was. We now avoid both. Domino's in Harwich is fine.

Hope that helps, sorry for the sloppy typing, just wanted to quickly get this answer out there. Enjoy your trip! Amy

------------------ Neil's Mom

On Aug 13, 2007

We just came back from a week at the Cape and I'd like to add:

Papa Ginos in Orleans and So. Yarmouth (next to Skull Island Mini Golf) Liams on Nauset Beach in Orleans (not for seafood allergy but OK for peanut allergy--great onion rings) Olive Garden in Hyannis BZ's Pizza & Mexican in Dennis (double check)

Not this time, but we went to Krista K's Ice cream and they were very good about the peanut allergy. Again, double check if you go there.

We had breakfast at the Egg and I and the owner said the only "nuts" in the place are the people who work there!

On Aug 13, 2007

Neil's Mom- I don't see the link to your e-mail. Would you please e-mail the rates and info to me? Thanks!

By hg on Jun 29, 2011

I just read your post from years ago about your nut-free home in Harwich. Are you still renting it? We live all nut and egg and dairy free and would treasure the relief your vacation home would offer. Please send me your email address or write me at

I think the idea of an allergy-free B&B is a fantastic idea, I hope you've developed it since 2007!

Many thanks, Heidi 2 kids PN, TN, egg, all dairy