Anyone here outgrow their PA?


I'm fairly new here and I am digesting (no pun intended) everything. Just bought The Peanut Allergy Book. Very good so far. My question is, has anyone or anyone's kids outgrow this beast? The stats in the book say the earlier the age of detection, the better the chances of outgrowing. The % is about 20% of outgrowing it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks! Grace

On Jul 9, 2002


I've heard that it's unlikely that anyone will outgrow pa. I know I certainly won't and don't care to outgrow it, from what I've heard about peanuts! LOL! I just know that with each exposure, it gets worse and it has for me. (It went from mild stomach upsets/vomiting and some hives, to hives all over, vomiting, asthma symptoms, to flat out anaphylaxis when I was 21 (18 years after I was diagnosed). When I was younger I could tolerate people eating PB&J for lunch, PB candy and whatever around me, but now I can't at all tolerate any peanut butter near me. Peanuts in a large open space, like a ball game I can take to certain extent, but not in recycled air!

On Jul 20, 2002

There is a thread about this very topic on the Reactions/Story board. Good Luck!