Anyone have problems with airport security and carrying on your Epi-Pen

Posted on: Mon, 03/08/2004 - 8:36pm
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We are flying this summer for the first time with our PA son. I carry in my purse several Epi-Pens and am wondering since security is tighter since 9/11 if I will have any problems????

Posted on: Mon, 03/08/2004 - 8:52pm
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I carry mine in an E-Belt, I take a letter from my Doctor with me - and also wear a genuine Medic-Alert bracelet.
I go straight to the people on the Security "arch" and tell them. I show them the pen and say "DON'T TOUCH". So far, so good!
On ONE occasion, the stroppy "arch-guard" at London Luton saw my E-belt as I walked through the arch and she said "put your torch through the X-Ray". I explained that it wasn't a torch and she very rudely said "you should have bloody told me then". I'd only just got there!! It resulted in her male colleague quickly "frisking" me [img][/img] He said words to the effect of "don't mind her : she's a bit stressed" [img][/img]

Posted on: Mon, 03/08/2004 - 11:06pm
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I have flown many times with several Epi-pens in my bags. At first I would make a point of showing them to security but the past few flights I have not even mentioned it. Recently I was flying alone and forgot I had an Epi-pen in my purse until I was going through security, I did not have the doctors letter with me because I keep it in the "Ben bag". No one even batted an eyelash in my direction about the Epi-pen ever. One time my purse got searched because the key to my safe deposit box looked alarming to them and they didn't even look in the other bag with 4 Epi-pens in it. Do bring a letter from your doctor but I have never needed it.

Posted on: Tue, 03/16/2004 - 10:15am
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We're going to try the no-tell approach next week on our way to America.
I have a feeling that the metal needle is too fine to show up in a busy handbag on the x-ray (they have never been able to see it on the screen, and ask Helen to show them after it passes through). And none of the gumby security guards have ever had any idea what an Epi-pen was...
Geoff (Helen's hubby)

Posted on: Wed, 03/17/2004 - 6:51am
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Quote:Originally posted by helenmc:
[b]We're going to try the no-tell approach next week on our way to America.
And none of the gumby security guards have ever had any idea what an Epi-pen was...
Geoff (Helen's hubby) [/b]
[img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]
Goeff -- LMAO about the "gumby" security guards -- they seem to be too busy confiscating the toe nail clippers from the PILOTS to even notice a passenger with Epipen these days!!
Hope your US trip is pleasant.

Posted on: Wed, 03/17/2004 - 7:19am
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I've only flown twice but neither time we've had issues. I had a doctors Rx as a back up just in case.

Posted on: Wed, 03/17/2004 - 10:41am
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Yeah they have to watch those pilots...
(and a friend of mine who is a pilot for Qantas watched in horror when he saw security in Singapore let a lady through with a pair of knitting needles - so he tapped the guard on the shoulder, pointed at the almost foot-long metal needles and said "no". They didn't come onboard.
BTW we also have a letter from Helen's allergist explaining what the Epi is and what its for (but that assumes the gumbys can and are inclined to read...)

Posted on: Wed, 03/17/2004 - 11:20am
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We just flew American last week and had no problem with the EpiPen. I had 2 in a fannypack and my husband had 2 in his pocket. We've never showed them to anyone and we've never been asked. We've flown American and Delta in the past and have never been questioned.
I do make sure we have a prescription label on the plastic carrier tube. According to some of the airline websites you should have the prescription label on your meds, particularly needle/syringes and inhalers. We've never traveled with a dr's letter.

Posted on: Wed, 03/17/2004 - 2:37pm
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We have flown many times and never had a problem. I have always called the airline up front and explained our situation. I carry a note from our ped and from the allergiest just incase there are any questions. And always make sure the perscription is on the pen.
Have fun on your trip [img][/img]

Posted on: Wed, 03/17/2004 - 2:39pm
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Geoff:...LOL Hope you guys have a great trip to the states [img][/img]

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