Anyone have a Rxn to egg in flu shots?

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My son is 3 years old and deathly allergic to milk, egg, nuts and tree nuts. I know the flu shot has egg in it. His SPT was a 4+ and his RAST test for egg was a 7.25. Last year he had the 1/2 flu shot and a month later the other 1/2 of the flu shot. This year the pediatrician wants to give him the whole flu shot at once and I am just not comfortable with that. I know he needs it but I was wondering if any of you with egg allergies have ever had a reaction to the whole flu shot?

On Oct 17, 2006

My daughter's pediatrican won't even give my daughter the flu shot due to her egg allergies. you may want to skip it. She is 15 months and didn't have one last year either. My Ped. said he would rather deal with the flu than the reaction to the shot, but that both me and my husband MUDT get the shot.

On Oct 17, 2006

My son had a negligible reaction to egg on the skin prick test a few weeks ago. It was .4 or something and the allergist said to ignore it. Does this mean he has just a bit of sensitivity? Would it impact getting the flu shot for his case?

I do know that if your child does have a true egg allergy that many allergists won't advise getting the least that's what I've read.

MMR on the other hand I've read doesn't seem to be problematic.

On Oct 17, 2006


On Oct 17, 2006

It was my understanding that people who had egg allergy were not supposed to have the flu shot. Your post and the above link about the smaller doses are the 1st mentions I've heard about it being safe.

It's the possibilty of an allergic reaction vs. the possibility of the flu. Very hard decision, but I guess you'll have to determine the lesser of two evils. Sorry I'm not more help... My kids and I have odd reactions to the flu vaccine. My son has had it 2ce and my dd 3 times and the only time they've caught the flu is the years they've been vaccinated...I've experienced the same thing...what made me decide against it was the year of the vaccine shortage, DD was the only one eligable for the flu shot because of her asthma...she was also the only one of us to come down with the flu...pretty bad case of it too...It may be a coincedence, but our pediatrician said it seems to do some people that way...My hubby gets a flu shot every year and has no problems.

Even if your child can't be vaccinated, the rest of the family could be (as long as there are no more egg allergies or weird reactions) That would protect her somewhat...

On Oct 17, 2006

My DD is allergic to eggs and I would not let her anywhere near a flushot. They are OK with the MMR now though and she did have that.

On Oct 18, 2006

DS tolerated flu shots two years in a row. Third year, he reacted. Apparently, the amount of egg present can vary from shot to shot. They can skin prick with the vaccine if you want to see if he can tolerate it.

We are now under orders to skip it until he outgrows the egg allergy.


------------------ Mom to 7 yr old PA/TNA daughter and 3 1/2 yr old son who is allergic to eggs.

On Oct 19, 2006

My childrens' allergist recommended it because he feels being hospitalized for the flu would be worse than adverse reaction to the shot. I am not so sure, anaphylaxis or flu? He is leaving it up to me. My grandmother never got the flu until she was vaccinated one year. Tough call. I don't know that I've helped but am in the same situation. Best wishes!

On Oct 19, 2006

My pediatrician will not give my egg allergic DS the flu shot. DH and I are going Sat. morning for ours. My best hope is that all the kids DS plays with will have gotten the shot. I get very nervous during flu season.

On Oct 19, 2006

I am an adult with a mild egg allergy but still get my flu shot every year.

I would go with your gut and only get 1/2 shot and get second half latter.

I always take Benadryl before my shot.

11/4 Just had my flu shot today and no problems.

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On Oct 22, 2006

My son is 5 now, and has had anaphylaxis to egg in the past (about 3 1/2 years ago...). He still tests positive to skin prick for egg and peanut, and continues to have positive RAST results, although the egg numbers are coming down....He had the MMR in multiple doses last year when he turned 4, but in the past our allergist said no flu shot. I am going to try her again, and see if there is a possiblity of dosing him with benadryl and diluting the shot into multiple vaccinations. My reason is this: He is in k5 now, and 5 years old is the minimum age that kids can get the flu mist instead of the shot. The problem with that, is that they all become carriers for a while, when this stuff is sprayed up their noses....I wonder if they cough and sneeze, will my son get the flu since he has had no immunization? It's a tough call, but he has had the flu in the past, and it was a pretty bad case. In a way, I wish that my allergist would be proactive about giving the flu shot, just as she was the MMR. Interesting comments have been made on this thread....


On Nov 4, 2006

Update: My son just got the flu shot yesterday. His allergist skin pricked him with the vaccine and also tested him for egg again. His egg skin prick was positive, but the flu vaccine was ok. He also had some intradermal testing and ended up getting stuck with 5 mini doses of the flu shot, every 15 minutes. He had been off his zyrtec prior to adminisitration and testing so that the true reaction would show. He was given a dose of zyrtec after the testing and shots were given. He did really well...and didn't even cry when given the shots....i feel relieved that he is now immunized....

On Nov 4, 2006

Glad to hear your little guys did and is doing fine!

On Nov 5, 2006

Hmmmm... I have 2 children with egg allergies and had 2 allergists and the pediatrician tell us NOBODY in the house could get the flu shot, or we had to stay away from them for 2 days, even though I have asthma! My GP backed them all up.

Has anyone who got a flu shot had a problem with their egg-allergic child during the couple of days following the shot?


On Nov 5, 2006

My dd had an anaphylactic reaction to egg requiring epi, and I was told to be sure to get the flu shot each year because dd could not have it (due to history of anaphylaxis to egg rather than just egg allergy). So I got the flu shot every year for 7 years and dd did not have any problem. Avoiding flu shot because your child is egg allergic or ana to egg doesn`t make sense. The egg protein isn`t going to somehow get from you to your child.

On Nov 5, 2006

I agree--- the only contraindication I am aware of is with FluMist (which is a modified live vaccine...) not being suitable for anyone who is asthmatic OR for caregivers of high-risk patients. If you are a caregiver for someone with AIDS or another immune system deficiency, then you are not supposed to get [i]any[/i] live vaccinations, as you may briefly shed virus.

But I have ALWAYS gotten flu shots (though every so often I end up taking Benadryl for a week afterwards, as I have an 'outgrown' egg allergy). My daughter has an anaphylactic egg allergy as well, and has [i]never[/i] been vaccinated for influenza. [i]Us[/i] being vaccinated is the only protection she has. Totally nonsensical to think that this would present some kind of problem to her w/r to her egg allergy. [img][/img] Are you sure you didn't misunderstand? I mean, if your child is in contact with other people, he or she is almost certainly contacting people who have recently been vaccinated, right?

On Nov 6, 2006

that is actually how i found out about my daughter even having an egg allergy. she had never even been given egg before. she broke out in aggressive hives about 15 min after her flu shot. then was tested for egg allergy. i would suggest to never get flu shot if you are allergic to egg.


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On Nov 7, 2006

It's different for every child, of course, but my daughter had a mild allergy to egg whites (facial hives with ingestion), but was always given the flu shot anyway due to asthma. Although she no longer has an egg allergy, her reaction to the shot is now as it always was - slight cold symptoms, sometimes low grade fever. I always have her get it on a Fraiday so she doesn't miss any school. The doctors always feel the reaction is better than the flu would be on a child with asthma.

On Nov 10, 2006

My son is ana to eggs and yesterday at Mt. Sinai they did a SPT for the two variations of the vaccine they have. He didn't react so they proceeded to inject some of each vaccine right under the skin and waited for a reaction. He reacted to the Fluzone (US vaccine for kids) but not the Fluvinex (I think that's what it was- it's approved for kids in Europe but not yet in the US). They gave him the vaccine and had us wait in the office for 1/2 hr. He didn't react. They told me that the European version has a lower concentration of egg than the Fluzone. You might want to check with your allergist and get the SPT for both.

On Nov 10, 2006

DS (allergic to pn, tn, eggs) got his flu shot today in 2 problems. Melissa