Anyone have a 3yr old with PN/TN? New here


Hello, I am new here and have a 3yr old with a PN/TN and Mustard as well as Pets and indoor /outdoor Allergies. I am looking for some support. I have been to other places looking for anyone to talk with but have got no where until today when I came across this board and thought lets give it a shot. So I am interested in talking to anyone with a todler and or anyone with Great info. I am not sure sometimes what to do or in some cases just want to Thanks for letting me join in your group and hope to hear something back soon .

On Aug 19, 2007

Hi Angelina's mommy, You've come to the right place. Though I don't have a three year old with PN/TN (I'm a PA adult), I can bet there are many here in the same boat as you. is a supportive 'family'.

Welcome to the boards! Adele

On Aug 19, 2007

Welcome! I no longer have a peanut-allergic _toddler_, but those years aren't so far behind. My son with peanut allergy is six years old and going into first grade.

I also have a three-year-old boy who has Celiac Disease (can't eat wheat/oats/rye/barley) as well as a dairy intolerance, and a one-year-old son who has multiple food sensitivities. Most of the people here are well acquainted with food issues and are happy to share ideas.

Hope you make yourself at home!


On Aug 19, 2007

Hello..I have a 4 year old with a peanut has been the biggest help to me...

On Aug 19, 2007


I have a 3yo with PA - although he'll tell you that he is almost 4! LOL

This is a great place to learn, share and find/give support.

On Aug 20, 2007

Thank you for your post I am wondering April I thinnk you said that Your child no longer has the allergy. How did this happen? Is there something that I can do to up the chances?

On Aug 20, 2007

Hi there--welcome!!

I have a three-year-old DS with a peanut and fish allergy. We live like he's TNA as well--so no "may contains" around here even though he's negative for tree nuts.

You've come to the right place--this is a very informative group of folks!! They are also full of support. Did you just discover your DD's allergy? If so, I know this is a very hard time--I'm sure all kinds of information is swarming around you and you don't know where to start. It can certainly be overwhelming!

I suggest you take it slow--stick to the Main Discussion threads first. If you find this all to be "all-consuming," take a break for a couple days or so.

We found out about DS's peanut allergy last April--and believe me when I tell you that we CELEBRATED a whole reactionless year! I credit this board for teaching me how to keep him safe.

Best of luck! Glad you're here!

------------------ Jen DS#1--3 years old: allergic to peanuts & fish DS#2--5 months old: NKA

On Aug 22, 2007

I am a little confused about getting an ID braclet for my daughter. I have a long list of things that I have to list Peanut/Tree Nuts, Mustard, Albuterol,Omnicef,Sulfa and Malignant Hyperthermia. Any suggestions??? Where is a good place to order from and how would I size her wrist? Should I buy a Stainless Steel for now? What do I do? Also I have noticed on this board people like to use abravations, I am not sure what they mean. I got the PN/TN but what about the others? I am filled with questions but I will take it one at a Thanks for Welcoming Me with open arms I am finding comfort here! [img][/img]

On Aug 22, 2007

I have a three year old with milk, egg, peanut, rice and keflex allergies. She also has tree nuts listed on her medic alert bracelet as an idem she is allergic too since we are in avoidance mode until she gets tested. It seems to me the advantage of using medic alert is if there is too much to list on the bracelet the medic can call in and get all the appropriate information. It is the advantage over getting one of those generic bracelet with no service. There is also a card that came with the membership which lists the allergens. You could keep that with your child's epi pens or where ever it will be found easily. Of course you can make your own list and keep it where ever you think it would be found easily if you choose not to do the medic alert route. My daughter has the basic children's bracelet. She is a bit underweight so it was a bit big for her. I had it adjusted at a local jewelry store. You can also do a search on bracelets. There have been a few good discussions about them. Cindy

On Aug 22, 2007

Welcome, I have a 4 year old DD with PA/TNA and garlic. You will find people very helpful on this board- I have gotten lots of good information!

Here are two previous posts on abbreviations used:



On Aug 28, 2007

Sorry, I did not mean to imply that my child had outgrown the allergy. I only meant that he was no longer a toddler, since he's a 6-year-old "kid" now...but still quite peanut allergic!

However, there are some stories here of kids who have outgrown their allergies, so you might want to look for those.

I think the statistics show that 80% will not outgrow their peanut allergy, but 20% will.

My allergist when Nate was 1 told me that she thought STRICT avoidance in the toddler years was the only hope for quieting the immune response - that means no eating foods that "may contain traces of peanuts", were "processed in a facility that also processes peanuts", etc.

There are some new treatments on the horizon - my hope is in another 5 years, we will have some options that will remove some of the risks. I don't really care if my child ever eats peanuts, but I would like to not worry about accidental exposures in everyday activities.

On Sep 11, 2007

Hello! I have a son who will be 3 in November that has a peanut allergy. My son had his first peanut reaction on June 18of this year,so we've almost been doing this for 3 months.

I've learned a lot in this short time, but know I still have much to learn. I think each age has it's challenges with pa, lol as with everything else.

I know I am grateful to the ladies on here who have already "been there done that" and give some great advise!

On Sep 12, 2007

I LOVE IT!!! I am so glad to see that someone else asked what all the acronyms meant! I figured a couple out like the DS DD etc... but cannot always figure them out! so this is hilarious! I am not far from a newbie, the only one I ever use is lol. I am going to have to make a list so I can use them since my DS is PA and TNA so I will be here often LOL!!!

On Sep 12, 2007

Hey Angelinasmom. I have a 5 year old son who is peanut and tree nut allergic and yes it is a very scary thing. I found out about his allergies almost 3 years ago and this is the first "talking about it to others in the same boat" I have ever done but so far its great. Also has alot of info that helped me. I recommend getting a Medicalert bracelet, that is what I did. You can find them online. You actually become part of a "network", your child's bracelet has HIS ID number on it which takes them to his profile in their system. The profile contains all of his vital medical info, contact info, allergies, doctor info, every little thing about him that would be needed in an emergency. You pay a small fee to enroll and then $25 a year, plus you buy the bracelet. I looked into other possibilites but decided this was the best in my opinion. It's a small price to pay to know that if anything ever happened away from me, any question a paramedic might have would be right there at his fingertips.

On Sep 14, 2007

My 3 yr old was recently diagnosed w/PA too. It hasn't had a huge impact on our diet, but we have learned to read all labels much better. Even going to the dentist has been more stressing, since someone mentioned that some toothpastes have peanut oil in them! My biggest worry is what will happen when he goes to school. Thankfully, that is a little while off.

On Sep 15, 2007

I am so sorry for not logging in but we just switched internet service. I have to say that I have my " Who cares" days and life is what it is and others that I am in search for a cure or a reason why. I mean we all grew up fine so my main question is why all these kids have allergies so servere? Where is the site for the bracelet that cost you 25 a month or a year . I am also wondering where you all are from I mean state that is? Perhaps that may help in the research to find out why so many of our kids suffer. I Read above that most of you stay away from "processed in a plant" But my question is If your child has had PLAIN M&M's before you new about the PN/TN allergy would you give it to them now. I Do! And have found that if she has had it previously and had no reaction and I have given it to her after she is fine,I do realize that there may be a slight chance that there could be a reaction but so far so good. However if she has never had the product before and it says that I will not give it to her. I would like to know your opinion.....Thanks

On Sep 16, 2007

Hi I am new too so I am just going by what I was told by my doc. If you give the child something that "may contain" or was processed in a plant with nuts, there is the chance that there might be a tiny piece of nut in whatever she's eating and that one piece could cause a reaction. 99/100 times it might be safe, but that one time is what you are worried about. Although, what I don't get is anytime you are at any restaurant, you take that chance too with x-contamination, so I don't know. I guess you just have to find your comfort zone.

On Sep 17, 2007

The website is I joined and paid I think 45.00 to join but it is 25,00 a year from now on. Also you buy the bracelet but they are not very much. People notice it and ask questions so it's a great thing. I like the idea that he has a number on the bracelet that is linked to his profile... My son also eats plain m&ms with no problems and I wonder the same thing lately... is it not a good idea to assume that since he has not had a problem before that he is safe? He also has eaten 3 Musketeers but CANNOT eat Hershey's kisses. He had a reaction eating them. He can eat plain Hershey bars... wierd. I wonder if it has to do with the different machines used because all kisses are the same shape, some have nuts... but different bars and m&ms each have their own shape! hmmmm.... I am like you now, if he has never had it and the label reads may contain or processed in a plant... I do not take chances. No Little Debbies for that reason... My son does not even like sweets very much Thank God so it is not that hard for me to avoid these things.

On Sep 17, 2007

Oh yeah, I was going to say I am from Mobile, Alabama... way more south than most of you I think ??? I am actually from south Mississippi but in Mobile AL now... still at the bottom of the US!!!

On Sep 20, 2007

I am just wondering is there anyone here from the great state of NJ? Does any of you ever wonder what is so different today then when we were growing up that makes our children so allergic? I am so frustrated by this today and feel like there must be an answer or even something to explain it. What about when they get their shots might this have something to do with it?

On Sep 20, 2007

Hey Treysmom.....OMG!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I called medicalert to get more information and I was thinking that they were trying to up sell me, I could not have been more wrong. I called 3 of my local police departments and asked them if they new about this to my suprise They Did! They also told me that this was a great idea. Of course I did not take the credit for this one I told them how I found out about it and they said she knows her stuff. So ONE BIG THANK YOU for all your help on this one!!!! [img][/img]

On Sep 22, 2007

You are SO welcome!!! I am very happy to help any one person I can with this because we KNOW how scary this is and only WE really understand what it feels like. It gives me a really good feeling to know that I was able to offer a good suggestion. Good luck and hang in there! I have been hanging in there for 2 and a half years now but I just do a lot of talking to the people around Trey and make sure everyone understands how serious this is. He has a twin sister and I have trained both of them to look out for him, to know what he can eat and that if there is a question the answer is NO. And he knows how serious it is because he has been to the hospital twice and had the epipen once. I know I have a long road ahead still and alot to learn but I LOVE this place! It is wonderful to read about everything I wonder about but am not sure where to find it... I have learned alot and it feels good to "talk" to others in the same life we are in.

On Oct 8, 2007

I do not give my son m&ms even though he's had them before. Before he had his initial ana rx he ate peanuts out of the shell. If it is a may contain, manufactured in, or at high risk of cross contam. we no longer buy it.

As for what causes it... I think there may be multiple causes. In my son's case I wonder if it's because of the "sterile environment" theory. The environment being my body though... I had antibiotics while in labor with him (GBS +) and due to complications in labor he and I both had very strong antibiotics after birth, him for a day me for 2+ days. Plus he was in the NICU which they kept extremely clean. I wonder if this lack of germs caused the allergy. I was told this was not the cause by the allergist, but I know at times drs will lie to spare a mom from blaming herself. I hope some day they will know what causes LTFA so that they can maybe be prevented.

On Oct 13, 2007

I am a new poster but a long time reader of this site. I have a 3 year old as well with a PN/TN allergy. He was diagnosed at 18 months and we live in Indiana.

I've also heard the ideas about our sterile environments contributing to the increase of food allergies. I don't know for sure but I tend to believe it. I remember hearing an allergist speak about the Amish and while the numbers of allergies in our general population have gone way up, the Amish numbers have not gone up. If you think about it they definitely do not live in such sterile conditions. I have an older son with no known food allergies and one son with a nut allergy. Who knows why one has it and one doesn't?

After finding out about ds's allergies, we did stop giving him may contains, even though that meant some of his favorite foods and treats (M&M's) had to be taken away. Now he stands in front of all the candies in the grocery aisle and he can tell me which treats are safe for him. He's also had a few minor reactions to may contains (one example is Stauffer's animal crackers) so I know that the vast majority of the time a may contains is safe, there are definitely may contains that are absolutely not safe. My comfort zone is probably not as tight as some but we don't budge on may contains. For us this hasn't been too difficult - yet. Jack is really starting to understand that there are foods that would make him very ill. I'm definitely trying to teach him to be flexible. There are plenty of safe foods to choose from (and sometimes us Moms have to be a bit creative!)

On Oct 14, 2007

Hi Jeniffer, it sounds like you are all off to a good start. You can also get a lot of good information from FAAN [url=""][/url] They have helped me tremendously.

My son is 22 and has been allergic forever. He's done well with a lot of effort on his part and ours.

Good luck, keep reading. Peggy