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Anyone else have reaction to potassium sorbate?

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I had a scary experience with my 2 year old pa, milk, & soy allergic son this evening! I had left him at my house with my MIL while I went to the doctor, only gone a couple hours. When I got home he asked me for some juice, so I poured him some fresh apple cider that I had purchased last week at a local orchard. I always dilute his juice with at least 1/4 to 1/2 equal water. He only took one drink & began coughing. About 1 minute later he started coughing violently & then vomited 2 times. Then he just kept coughing-his face turning red, choking, eyes watering. My mind began to race & I wondered if he needed his epi pen. My dh was at work & mil had already left, I was on my own. Then I remembered how he had coughed this same way whenever he had dairy products (before we figured it out)I gave him a nebulizer treatment & then a dose of zyrtec, he coughed only 2-3 more times (small coughs), then he was fine! I phoned my mil to see what she had feed him & it was nothing he couldn't have. I just kept thinking apple cider-nothing but pure apples....then it hit me! I got the carton out & it has an added preserative, potassium sorbate. I recall an incodent in the spring when he drank Stewart's Orange Cream soda, he only had one drink & had the exact same reaction. When I checked it's label I understood why-it's presertative is sodium benzoate-which induces asmtha in asmathics! I got on the net to see what info I could find on the two & bingo they are very closely associated!

I thought you never had any worries until you had children.....I'm now changing my thought-You don't have any worries until you have an allergic child/children!

By the way, I found a website Lumen Foods, they had this big article about sodium benzoate & potassium sorbate being all natural & SAFE (They even had safe in all caps!) They stated that there is no "medical eveidence" that it is unsafe. I am giving them a call in the morning! If anyone else has asmatic children please call or email them too, they need to change their wording to at least say, "May induce asmtha in asmatics." Obviously, they are not into food alergies!

On Nov 7, 2003

My son reacts to potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, sorbic acid, and calcium disodium EDTA. He gets immediate hives from contact/ingestion of all of these, and the with the last 2, he has sneezing, itching of tongue and lips. My son does not have asthma as far as we know.

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By cacrivos on Jul 7, 2013

My daughter and I both are allergic to potassium sorbate. Mostly topically. They had it in my eyedrops which caused my eyes to become red, itch and burn. I had to splash saline in for a while. My optometrist is the one who clued me in on the change of preservative. My daughter had a reaction to her diaper wipes when I used a substitute and her butt became red and swollen. I told the babysitter to wash with soap and water. Her swelling went down after an hour or two. It can be in almost anything, so be careful.