Anyone else also allergic to pineapple?

Posted on: Fri, 05/24/2002 - 4:43am
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pMy 2 1/2 PA daughter had a reaction to pineapple a few day ago. Up until this point, the only food we knew of that she was allergic to was peanuts./p
pShe had hives all over which lasted about 36 hours (kept reappearing every time the Benedryl dosage ran out). I spoke to my allergist and he said I should have her tested for pineapple, which I'll do, but I'm fairly certain it was the pineapple./p
pSo do any of you who have PA also have a pineapple allergy? Is pineapple a fairly common allergy to have?/p

Posted on: Sat, 05/25/2002 - 12:16pm
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I have heard that pinnapple and coconut are in the tropical fruit family. The allergist should test her for all the fruits in that family of possible allergies.
Good luck.

Posted on: Sun, 05/26/2002 - 4:23am
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Anonymous (not verified)

My son says that pineapple makes his tongue feel funny. He spit it out immediately. We assume he is allergic to it and avoid it, but have not have him tested for it.

Posted on: Sun, 05/26/2002 - 9:18pm
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Pineapple is the only fruit my son is not allergic to. He is a 4 on severity. Maybe there was something on the outside skin of the pineapple? I cut the pineapple in half, then scoop it out. I found that the skin has a lot of "white powder" stuff and who knows what that is? (Just a thought, you never know)

Posted on: Sat, 07/20/2002 - 1:25pm
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I made a punch for an open house with Pina Colada mix, pineapple juice, and 7up. Everyone asked how it was made because it was delicious. One of my friends said that she was allergic to both pineapple and coconut. I told her I was glad she had not tried it yet. Secretly I wondered if it was an intolerance or a true allergy. I am sure that as far as my friend is concerned it makes her feel bad and that is all that matters. Sometimes I think about the difference between intolerances and allergies and hope that the general public does not confuse them. So if it helps at all to be validated I have heard of an allergy to pineapple! From the Heartland!

Posted on: Mon, 07/22/2002 - 1:40am
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My cousins daughter was severly allergic to pineapple as a child, but has since outgrown it. She is, however, still allergic to pistachios and hazelnuts.

Posted on: Mon, 07/22/2002 - 4:16am
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Tucker is not allergic to pineapple, but is to canteloupe, watermelon, and kiwi. I guess children often have multiple allergies. Fortunately, the fruit just gives him really itchy exczema. And I'm assuming he will outgrow it, unlike the peanuts, so we don't make a big deal of it.
I did once have a problem with a pineapple myself. When I ate it, my tongue went totally raw and bloody (sorry, that's kind of gross). Anyway, it only happened to me once, so I figured somehow the pineapple was bad. The memory of it makes me avoid fresh pineapple; I usually only eat canned now.

Posted on: Mon, 07/22/2002 - 11:48am
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Anonymous (not verified)

My son is allergic to peanuts and expressed an instant dislike for pineapple. He said it made is tongue feel funny. So we are assuming he is also allergic to pineapple.

Posted on: Wed, 07/24/2002 - 3:10am
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william is ok with pineapple , ( but MY hands burn when i handle it) but he doesnt like the taste, however is allergic to kiwi, why only one fruit ? oh, and no allergy to latex which is linked to kiwi.
The human body must be strange thing , if he is allergic to many foods linked to peanut, is tree pollen allergic , why allergic to only one fruit.?
Not that i want more mind you, it just strikes me as odd.

Posted on: Wed, 07/24/2002 - 5:53am
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Pineapple is a weird, weird fruit. The burning tongue/hand/raw, bloody tongue thing that many people have as a reaction to pineapple is a result of an enzyme that's in fresh pineapple that eats away at tissues. People who work in pineapple processing plants frequently lose their fingerprints because of the pineapple (according to DH, who is a font of trivial information like this). This enzyme is also used for tenderizing meat, so if you're very sensitive, it's not surprising to hear of someone getting a raw, bloody tongue from it. It's not a true allergic reaction, but some people are more sensitive to it than others.
Fresh pineapple is recommended to women to help soften the cervix late in pregnancy. With my first baby, my labor was very prolonged because my cervix wouldn't soften and efface. With my second, I started eating fresh pineapple a few days before my due date. By the time I went into labor, my cervix was so soft that dilation took no time. Obviously, it being my second baby things went faster, but I really think that pineapple helped!

Posted on: Fri, 07/26/2002 - 4:12am
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My oldest son (19yrs) and my youngest PA son (9yrs) are both "sensitive" to pineapple. My oldest has since outgrown. The youngest breaks out with rashes and complains of itchiness in his throat. He also has multiple other true fruit allergies tested after he had an anaphylactic reaction to cherries. So no more Peaches, apples, strawberries, cherries, pears, pinepples, and of course, peanuts. Thank heaven that this child will eat any food and loves so many varieties... his twin on the other hand is so picky...thankful that it wasn't her that was diagnosed with so many allergies... she probably wouldn't eat!!! (btw, her favorite sandwich for lunch is Peanut butter - what a challenge for us!)


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