Anyone drop 2 classes in your cap rast? We went from 6 to 4~


My dd is 5.5 yrs old. She had a major reaction at age 2 and has tested on cap rast >100 and 92. She had a test done last week and she's now a 44!! Dr. Wood thought this was great news... sort of rare for a child her age and severity to go down instead of up. She's still seriously allergic but her immune system is "doing something good" by reducing her numbers so drastically. I was curious if anyone else saw a drop like this.

On Aug 16, 2004

I have a similar story, my DD got her diagnosis at age 3, her first CAP RAST was >100. We had another test done the following year (?, maybe even less time) and her score had dropped 40ish points. We were SO happy. I cornered Dr. Young and asked him his opinion re: her odds of "resolving" she has several of the other 'markers' he mentioned in his book re:"resolvers." He said something like "Wow, really? that's great!" But when I mentioned my hopes of her outgrowing it his response was something like... "Given her original cap rast of >100, it is very unlikely she'll resolve. That's not to say it's impossible; there's a first time for everything." Well when my DD turned 5 we asked her allergist to do another test to see if the score had come down. He was a bit of a jerk and said that it was unlikely that she would have resolved in the last year and that we should wait one more year (when she turns 6) that (something like) 80% of the folks who resolve a food allergy do so by age six...blah, blah, blah. ANYWAY, her birthday is August 28th. I have the doctors order for the test, right now I feeling a bit apprehensive, I want to know, and yet...well, you know. I'll post her results when I get them. Not holding my breath (but holding a little hope) Diane

On Aug 17, 2004

Ryan was tested at age 4 and the result was >100. At age 6 he was tested again and the result was 64. The doctor was pleased with the drop, and I did hear some cautiously optimistic words that maybe it will keep dropping. Still severely allergic at this point, but there is slight optimism on our end.

We're hoping next May that it will drop again, but not expecting it.

On Aug 17, 2004

Caitlin's only 4 (and a half), and only had <1> rast for the nut panel (we avoided the nut panel at age 2, because, for us, 'why bother' was the attitude -- It was MORE than likely, given all the other MFA's, shed be allergic to ALL of them) [img][/img]

Anyhow, her peanut allergy was only 47 [img][/img]

Cashews and Pistacchios were >100, Hazelnut was 26.3 and pecan, walnut, pine nuts were under 5.0 each. Almond and Brazilnut were 12.2 and 28.3, respectively...

Whats it all mean? Thats an Easy quesiton to answer, and you already know the answer [img][/img] And we do too. We are totally prepared for avoiding ALL nuts for a lifetime.

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