Anyone allergic to cats also???

Posted on: Thu, 10/16/2003 - 12:37am
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My DS has several food allergies...Peanut/nuts, kiwi, eggs and poultry. However, we just had him tested for cat and he scored a 34 on the Rast!! Since we don't have a cat I wasn't aware but it does explain why he cried and cried when we visited my Mother's house in the past. I don't know much about cat allergies...Can they be anaphlactic too?? Any info. or websites that you can share I'd really appreciate it!! Thanks.

Posted on: Thu, 10/16/2003 - 12:54am
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We are all allergic to cats in this house. Our/my main symptoms are itchy eyes, stuffy nose, wheezing eventually. DD used to get sick for days if she babysat in a home that had cats.
My PA son (18) is allergic to cats but it is not an anaphylactic allergy. Just an annoying one.

Posted on: Thu, 10/16/2003 - 1:32am
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My allergy to cats is worse now than it was a few years ago. If I am around the FIVE cats that my in-laws have, my throat starts to get tight within 30 minutes. If I am around ONE cat my symptoms are less severe, sneezing, watery eyes etc. My children are also allergic to cats and their asthma is worse when around cats. My in-laws have decided not to get rid of their cats (probably never even thought about it) therefore we have not gone to their house for the past 2 years. We had an allergist who was straight forward and told my husband and I that if we wanted our children to get better -- they were having asthma attacks all the time b/c they were cared for by my mother-in-law in her home -- then we had to remove them from the cats. Best thing we ever did!!
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Posted on: Thu, 10/16/2003 - 1:47am
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We are all also allergic to cats here too. My non PA son did have an anaph. reaction to kittens.

Posted on: Thu, 10/16/2003 - 3:00am
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I once read that if you buy a home that has previously had a cat in it, and you are allergic, it takes a minimun of 50 YEARS to get the evidence of the cat out of the house. Allergic evidence. Imagine that?
And this lovely little useless fact still keeps me off of Jeopardy.

Posted on: Thu, 10/16/2003 - 4:24am
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I am not allergic to cats. But my brother (who has no food allergies) is allergic to cats.

Posted on: Thu, 10/16/2003 - 12:05pm
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My PA daughter is allergic to cats.

Posted on: Thu, 10/16/2003 - 8:07pm
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We are all four in this family cat allergic
and only one of us can tolerate being around cats for any length of time and who's allergy shot isn't treating cat allergy-my oldest DS.
Both DH and I get shots to treat this- I can be around cats but not sleep in same house with one.
DH- before shots- would be sick 10-15 days after even a 5 min exposure to cats. Now he can be around them somewhat but still may trigger asthma.
Youngest DS 13- is the most allergic of all (<100- off the charts) to cat and several other environmentals and foods. Last time he was around cats- asthma and not feeling well for several days- He takes pill meds for allergies as he can not have allergy shots due to eczema issues etc. He stated that he is never going back to my sister's home again(cats) and this was in summertime when he spent some of the time outside.
It is sad that sometimes extended family won't go the extra mile for safety of a child
In my extended family we have 3 homes we can now safely visit which is 2 more than it used to be.
My niece did have a serious enough reaction to warrent a
ER trip-due to cat at her Aunts home.
two of my sister's kids (grown now)show signs of allergy to cats but my sis is going to keep the cats just like she did when her DH was suffering from cat allergies-they divorced long time ago.
Hope your extended family decides to find a new home for cat.

Posted on: Thu, 10/16/2003 - 8:19pm
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MY DD,DH,and I are all allergic to cats. It can be a messy situation. Yes you can be anaphlactic to cats. The last time i was near one i ended up at the Dr. it was just like I was having an asthma attack and they gave me inhalers and allergy meds but i can not remember what they were.
Hives, wheezing, coughing, sneezing and being miserable is what we do to cats.
Good luck Claire

Posted on: Fri, 10/17/2003 - 12:20am
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We had a cat and many were very allergic to him, including those not very reactive to cats. Dd tested positive to cat dander on skin test, but was not reactive. In hindsight, she sneezed alot, and now does not, but really limited to that. In fact, she was never sick but for two tiny colds until she was nearly two.
There are some theories, and my friend, a strong animal activist might even be able to produce the studies, that suggest being around animals reduces the manifestation of the allergy. his is in cases where children are born into homes with more than one animal, and raised with them, not being casually exposed on a regualr basis outside the home. It is interresting, but sort of like allergy shots.
My friend's kids would get their asthma when here. I was more concerned that her! Twice she didn't even bring their meds and her dd was coughing so badly. I had to make her take her dd outside. I think she did not connect it because they were never around animals!
The cat has been gone since April, and people have noticed a great reduction in their allergies when here. My S-I-L would need antihistamine and to go outside sometimes, and lately said she was fine. We have hardwood throughout, except bedrooms, and he was rarely alowed in all but one. Same for basement. Really never down there once we finished it off. i tried to keep "allergy free zones" as much as I could! becca

Posted on: Fri, 10/17/2003 - 2:42am
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I always said that if someone wanted to kill me and get away with it, just lock me in a room with a cat w/o meds and I'd be dead in an hour! So yes, I guess you could say I'm anaphalactic to cats. I also have environmental allergies, and am allergic to most animals (but not as severe as cats) and am lactose intolerant.
I did experience a strange situation many years ago with cats. I moved into an apartment in a house that the people had 8 cats. For a month, I could barely breathe and lived on antihistamines (moving was not an option at the time). I went on a business trip for a few days, and when I came home, the cats no longer bothered me, it was like I was suddenly immuned to them. I could even touch them as long as I washed my hands afterward. But it was only those 8 cats. Exposure to any other cat would cause a reaction.
Now my kids want a dog...


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