Any USDA regulations surrounding allergy/school??

Posted on: Tue, 09/19/2000 - 5:04am
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My kindergarten daughter attends a public school that has been fairly accommodating
surrounding her PA.

However, I am concerned that the school serves PB&J sandwiches as an alternate menu item in the cafeteria. My daughter doesn't eat with the other kids, she is segregated in the classroom with a few classmates.

But the cafeteria/multi-purpose room is also used for motor fitness and other school assemblies. This of course, also adds to the risk of kids having peanut residue on there fingers and transferring it to the playground equipment.

While I realize that some of the kids will be consuming peanut products in the cafeteria, I feel the risk of exposure to peanuts is greater with this item on the menu.

I have talked with the food service people at the school district who are uninterested in making any changes. They referred me to the California State Dept of Ed or USDA.

First off, I am wondering if you all agree that I am being reasonable with my request that peanut butter not be served by the school in the cafeteria?

Secondly, if anyone has any experience in dealing with the higher-ups, the USDA or Ed boards regarding this issue.

I know that there is a discrimination clause on the school menus. I wonder if any of this falls under that category.

I'm trying to find out how to contact the appropriate authorities on this issue to see how I may help to facilitate understanding on this issue and perhaps change.

Any ideas?

Posted on: Tue, 09/19/2000 - 2:08pm
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My son's worst two reaction's happened at school last year and both were only from contact. The second one happened after being in the cafeteria where pb was being served. So, my letter that went to the school superintendant stated our three biggest demands (for this school year at a new school in the same district): peanut-free classroom (with a letter sent to parents), that the school not serve pn and a pn free table in the cafeteria. They've done everything and more than we've requested.
We decided to write to the superintendant after getting no response from the school itself. After that, they were calling us to find out what we wanted next. I always suggest dealing in writing with the principal or superintendant. Good luck

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