Any suggestions on how to bake without eggs? I use chia

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Any suggestions on how to bake without eggs? I use chia seeds for breads but still struggling to make cookies without eggs.

By stephsork on Mar 12, 2014

I use vanilla flavored (Chobani) Greek Yogurt. It works great in the place of 2 eggs. If I'm in a rush, I'll use a store bought cake mix, add the yogurt and occasionally I'll add applesauce in place of the oil. The cake rises and it's very moist.

When baking from scratch, I use the yogurt ...but find that it works best if I combine it with the wet ingredients first, then combine the entire mixture to the dry ingredients.


By smithdcrk on Mar 16, 2014

When cooking for my "hyper"allergic child I found Allergy Free Eating by Liz Reno and Johanna Devrais my bible. In addition to powdered egg substitutes purchased at the health food store, our main egg substitutes (child was also milk allergic) were

as Binders 1/4 cup tofu (best in stong tasting foods like banana bread) as Leavening 1 teas. baking powder for each egg as Leavening 1 teas vinegar for each egg

They offered many more, similar ones also appear at

I also had very good luck using vegan recipes. These recipes are by default animal product free - no milk, no eggs - no substitutions needed.

While trying to make vegan cupcakes for my students last month I discovered that you can substitute a can of soda for for all of the liquid ingredients in a store bought cake mix! I prefer to cook from scratch ... but sometimes its fun to walk on the wild side!