Any safe sunflower seeds?

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Has anyone found any safe sunflower seeds? I thought I could grind these up and use then when baking cookies to add some fat to the kids food which is so needed for my 2 year old. I know seeds give some of us on these boards the "creeps" but I thought I would try them if I found some safe ones. Thanks

On Apr 26, 2005

"Spitz" brand sunflower seeds are safe. They are are sold in Canada but I think you can order them on-line at [url=""][/url]

On Apr 26, 2005

The SunButter company also sells sunflower seeds for snacking/cooking (although they might not be suitable for those with soy allergies). They have a salted version and a honey roasted version.

They're at [url=""][/url] I think.


On Apr 26, 2005


Originally posted by Caterina2: [b]"Spitz" brand sunflower seeds are safe. They are are sold in Canada but I think you can order them on-line at [url=""][/url] [/b]

Where do you buy Spitz brand of sunflower seeds?

On Apr 26, 2005


I have purchased Spitz sunflower and pumpkin seeds at Zehr's in K-W, though not all stores carry them. Check the snack aisle in your grocery store.

Last time I checked with the Spitz company, they didn't produce a safe shelled seed though, so I buy them in the shell and split them myself for Hannah (time consuming!).

These days, she actually prefers the pumpkin seeds, and I like it because I don't have to peel them for her.


On Apr 26, 2005

Codyman, I found Spitz sunflower seeds at various variety stores. The first package I found was at an Esso quickstop and at another variety store (can't remember the name). Once I purchased them from Valu-mart, but I haven't been able to find them at any of the main grocery chains. It's not something I purchase often, but whenever I happen to be in a variety store which is not often, I check if they carry them.

On Apr 26, 2005

I buy my sunflower seeds from [url=""][/url] as well. My boys love them!

On Apr 26, 2005

Thanks for this info on They have trailmix! I've had such a craving for something crunchy. Much appreciated! Cheers....

On Apr 26, 2005

Danielle, Please use caution giving your 2 year old sunflower seeds. Though not as common, there are many people who are allergic to sunflower seeds. Since your child is prone to food allergies, I would suggest waiting until at least age 3 before introducing these. Not worth the risk!

On Apr 27, 2005

When I contacted David's, they had kernels that were from a nut free facility, and many flavored sunflower seeds in the shell, I think as well. I am sure I posted it. I can try to find it. becca

On May 9, 2005

I know that "David" Brand seeds are nut-free. My son, whose name is David, by the way eats these all the time. He thinks it's great that something nut-free has his name on it! Enjoy!

On May 20, 2005

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On May 23, 2005

I believe Dakota Maid are...the only other thing they roast are soy nuts.