Any safe restaurants in Mystic, CT?

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Does anyone know of any safe restaurants in Mystic, CT? We are thinking of just driving down for a day trip. I could pack a cooler and bring food for my daughter if necessary, but I was wondering if anyone has had experience with any of the restaurants there.


On Jul 30, 2005

I see your post is a year old, but we are, now, thinking of traveling to Mystic, CT. What was your experience there? Any obvious hazards? Any safe places discovered? Thanks!

On Jul 30, 2005

I used to trust Friendly's, but not any more, since they added a PB ice cream. There is a McD's. I don't remember what else is there. I used to go all the time befopre my PA son was born, but haven't gone much in the last 8 years.

On Jul 30, 2005

My son is PA/TNA. We've eaten at the mMC D's and just around the corner from the aquarium is the Mystic Carousel and Fun Center where we've had pizza and hot dogs. If you can go to the neighboring town of Groton the main road called Rt.1(south off of I95) or Rt. 12 (north off I95)has Pizza Hut, Burger King, Mc D's, Taco Bell and our favorite Russel's Ribs. We just went there this week for my son's birthday-he loves the baby back ribs. We live about 30 minutes from Mystic and go often but we don't usually eat there except for the two places I mentioned.

The last time we went to the Friendly's in Mystic prediagnosis of our son's allergy was when he was 2, 10 years ago. The restaurant served him chicken nuggets which were RAW in the middle!! I was furious needless to say and we haven't been back.

Have a great time-- Southeastern CT is beautiful IMHO.

On Jul 30, 2005

We went to Mystic Pizza. It wasn't the best pizza, but it was peanut/tree nut safe. Just double check again if you go there.

I reraised the thread I posted earlier.

On Aug 22, 2005

cruise over to Guilford and enjoy "The Place"