Any safe nuts for PA (NOT TNA)?

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Those of you dealing with PA but no TNAs- Do you think there are any safe nuts? I know I have read that it's best to avoid all nuts due to cross contamination. However, are there any, for example almond, companies that process only almonds, are at least process no peanuts? Or an almond butter? Every bag of nuts or butters I have found have a peanut warning. Are there any PA(NOT TNA) people here that eat nuts?

On Mar 26, 2002


Good Question!

I did buy honey nut cheerios for my PA son, but stopped because I'm not sure if the almonds they use are 100% safe from contamination.

I did buy Walnuts in the shells to use for baking banana bread, but son didn't like them, so I don't use them in baking anymore.

So far he has only had almonds and walnuts and was fine with them.

I haven't seen any other nuts available in the grocery store in shell form other than the walnuts. Are all tree-nuts in shells? If so I wonder why we can't get pecans and almonds in shells as well?

On Apr 4, 2002

We ordered some pecans online (from a company called Bragg Pecan Farm in Texas) after they assured us that they only grow, process, and bag pecans. Our son is allergic to peanuts and almonds, but not pecans.