Any resturants in Fayetteville NC?


We are traveling on a dreaded trip to see my husband's family that we don't really know (his elder grandparents)... its not the family part but all the non-understanding PA part that I am dreading...

I am sure they will want to go out to eat a few times and we will most likely not go, but if someone has a safe resturant in the area... please let me know.

We may seem normal if we can go out to eat with the family.... (I could care less if we seem normal, but we are already pushing buttons by staying in a hotel instead of a peanut filled house.) Andrea

On May 16, 2006


Hmmm... There is a chain in this part of NC called Smithfield's Chicken and BBQ. They serve fried chicken, shrimp, Eastern BBQ (the only kind -- ha, ha -- the kind cooked in vinegar, not sauce) and all of the "fixins." We eat there all the time. I was told that they don't use any peanuts of any kind (no peanut oil, either). They do have pecan pie (pre-wrapped). I would bet big money that if the relatives are familiar with the restaurant, they would love to go there. [img][/img] Good luck!

------------------ Jamey

On May 17, 2006

Thank you. I will look into it. Andrea

On Jun 12, 2006

The outback steakhouse, Pierro's Pizza/Italian Bistro on Raeford rd and Ramsey street and Wendy's have all shown themselves to be allergy aware AS LONG AS YOU talk directly to the manager and/or the chefs- Pierro's has a chef that has a family member with PA. But do inform them (and not just your servers) of your allergy. Good luck