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any recipes for eggless lakes?

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trying to make some latkes -- any recipes that are successful anyone? once saw a recipe for sweet potato latkes -- can't use eggs and need proportions if trying to use applesauce as replacement...any ideas? thanks.

On Dec 17, 2006

I didn't want to hijack the "Happy Hanukkah" tread but remembered this post when I also saw the same question from Scooby. Although these latkes won't be quite the same as regular latkes (shredded potatoes, onions, eggs, matzo meal/flour), they still are quite good. This is how my non-Jewish Grandmom used to make them, calling them

On Dec 17, 2006

Donni, I make pancakes like these from leftover mashed potatoes too. I can't stand to throw out food, so I'll recycle almost anything into leftovers! Depending on what I have in the house or my mood, I'll add leftover veggies, parmesan cheese, etc. They are good, and definitely don't need egg.


On Dec 17, 2006

Amy You are so right--they are especially wonderful with different veggies added. I also do the same with leftover potato kugel...yummy! Donnni

On Dec 17, 2006

They were fragile to breaking, but my mom always fried potato pancakes from our leftover mashed potatoes. Never added anything. Just made patties with the leftovers and fried them for dinner the next night with whatever the leftover meat likely was. becca