Any food allergy aware restaurants in Newport,RI?


Any suggestions for a restaurant in Newport, RI that is food allergy aware/friendly?

On Aug 5, 2007

I was just in Newport for a conference. I am allergic to shellfish, treenuts, and peanuts. I am also a vegetarian. There was a brickhouse restaurant that was very allergy aware. I also just ate at a couple random places down by the waterfront. Just told them what I was allergic to and there was no problem. Have fun!

On Aug 10, 2007

Could it be the Brick Alley Pub you are referring to? Also, I'm curious, do you remember the names of the "random" waterfront restaurants you had good luck with? thx!

On Aug 12, 2007

Yes, it was the Brick Alley Pub. No, I am sorry I cannot remember the names of the other places I ate at... one was located right on the water just north of the Black Pearl restaurant. I am sorry I cannot be of more help. Overall Newport seemed like a very allergy aware place-maybe because of all the adults running around with shellfish allergies?

On Aug 15, 2007

I posted in the Main Discussion forum that there is an allergen-free bakery in Rhode Island (Cranston, RI)---RI is very small, so the ride from Newport to Cranston wouldn't be far.

The bakery is called Sophie-cakes

I think the web site is [url=""][/url] Nicole

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On Aug 27, 2007

Pink Poodle - Cool! I live in RI and have never heard of this place...they should advertise more. I will forward this info to the RI food allergy support group I belong too. I don't know anyone who knows of this place.

On Aug 27, 2007

Brenda-I've never been there, but while searching for something else, came across this website. I wish the place was north a couple of hours [img][/img]

On Aug 27, 2007

Not sure if it is still in business, as we went there a few years ago...but there is a restaurant called Cheeky Monkey that was amazing! (14 Perry Mill Wharf) We have been there a few times, and love it! (just googled it, and it is still there)

Their menu mentions that if anyone had food allergies or special dietary needs to let the waiter/waitress know. The chef came over, chatted with us, was very allergy aware, and made an amazing meal for DD (who is allergic to peanut/tree nuts/soy), as she gets tired of just pasta with butter. He created an amazing meal for her (that wasn't on the menu and was completely safe for her) The printed menu is small but the items are amazing, creative and tasty! It isn't really kid friendly (they don't have a kids menu or crayons to pass out), but being that our kids are older it was great. DH and I had a great dinner, a little expensive, but well worth it.

Definitely recommend Cheeky Monkey! [img][/img] Cool atmosphere, great cocktails, yummy food, and VERY allergy aware!

On Oct 5, 2007

maddiesmom - unfortunately Cheeky Monkey is no longer in business. : (