Any EASY, great tasting recipes for desserts?

Posted on: Fri, 12/30/2005 - 10:32am
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We made it through the holidays O.K., but this is the first year we couldn't run to the bakery for the desserts. I'm pretty good at cooking, but only so so at baking. (I make a good pumpkin pie, but that's it!)

I found we were very pressed for time due to all the baking we had to do this year (I'll definitely factor in more time for that next year).

Does anyone have any really EASY, but great tasting recipes for desserts?

I've seen the wacky cake recipe, but I've heard you can't stack them so well because they don't hold up in the middle so well. So a 2 layer cake doesn't work so well with that recipe. Is that true?

My family wants their traditional desserts and I'm having a heck of a time pleasing them! For birthdays they like a typical 2 layer birthday cake. We tried Cherrybrook Kitchen. I liked the chocolate, but my family thought the mixes tasted too "different".

For the holidays, they like pumpkin pie (no problem) and chocolate cream pie (problem--can't find safe instant pudding for TNA) We tried using Kozy Shack pudding, but it didn't hold up too well for pie.

At this point, I'm looking for any yummy tasting but EASY to make dessert. (Yes, I've already done a search--looking for some more ideas) If I can find their favorites, great. If not, at least I can offer a yummy alternative.

Our restrictions: NO peanuts, tree nuts, or kiwi (dd is being tested for kiwi soon)

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