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Many people contact us looking for books and videos that may help educate themselves or others. If you know of a book or video and it is not already on this board please post it or let us know about it. Let others know of organizations you know about which have books and/or videos also. Let others know what you thought about the information and who you thought it would be most useful for. Stay Safe, [email]Chris@PeanutAllergy.Com[/email]

On Feb 8, 1999

Educating young children about their allergy is an on-going process. Our learning tools include Alexander The Elephant Who Couldn't Eat Peanuts (from the Food Allergy Network).

We also get the Food Allergy Network Children's Newsletter. Each time we receive it I tell my son he has a special letter from his friends. I show him his name on the newsletter, and we look at the pictures and names of the other children with food allergies. At 3, he seems to have a very basic understanding. After reviewing the newsletter, he usually will ask to see the "elephant" video.

We also belong to a support group. We have had play dates with a couple of children with food allergies - This helps because I can remind him of other children with food allergies/peanut allergies.

The television is a learning tool, as well. Many of the children's programs have songs or make reference to peanut butter, I explain to him that it would make him very very sick - and note that we would have regular butter instead.

At 3 he knows that peanut butter is very dangerous, but I find that he does not fully understand the concept of it not being a danger to everyone.

We reserve the word dangerous for very few "things" - peanuts are one of them.

When he was first diagnosed, at 2, I concentrated on having him keep his fingers out of his mouth, washing hands before we ate, not picking food off of the floor. Slowly, we started to add the dangers of peanut butter, and how much we like regular butter instead.

The grocery store is another learning tool. I have pointed out the jars of peanut butter and peanuts and some cookies with peanuts in it. As he gets older, the grocery store and their various peanut products will probably be one of the best training tools.

Stay Safe!

On Feb 16, 1999

I recently purchased "No Nuts for Me" by Aaron Zevy which is great for preschool and up age. I just ordered "Alexander the Elephant who Couldn't Eat Peanuts" through FAN. There are also puppets that go with the video that I may order after viewing the tape.

On Feb 16, 1999

Hi Kelly, I am glad you like the book. We contacted the publisher and now offer it from PeanutAllergy.Com on our books page.

Your purchasing through PeanutAllergy.Com helps support the site.

Here is a link to PeanutAllergy.Com's book page, just click on it, [url=""][/url]

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On Feb 17, 1999

Great news! I will send order for preschoolers guide right away.

On Aug 10, 2002

I am still interested in hearing which video you recommend for preschoolers with PA.

There are a few to choose from and I am looking for suggestions to find the best one. I would like to purchase a video to use at my PA childs preschool!

Thanks! [img][/img]