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Any All My Children Fans Here?

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I just finally watched yesterday's episode and if no one saw it, Kendall's son Spike had an allergic reaction (to some kind of vitamins/herb mixture) and boy I thought they did a great job with that. They called the Paramedics because they didn't know what was wrong with him and when the ambulance got there the paramedic yelled "he's not breathing, he's turning blue!" Then pulled out the epi pen and gave it to him. Then when they got to the hospital Joe (the Administrator) who is a dr. was asking about his diet and if he had eaten anything new lately? Then went on to say how severe and life-threatening food allergies can be in children and that they have to run some tests to see what he's allergic to. Also, that he should never be without an epi pen again because of this.

WOW! Talk about a wake up call for the fans watching that! It even brought tears to my eyes watching it.

I am very happy when the media uses food allergies in their story lines because it brings awareness about it. But what burns me up is when they don't portray it for how serious it is like in Nancy Drew or The Raven Show.

2 thumbs up for All My Children!!!

------------------ Kelly H