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Posted on: Fri, 08/29/2003 - 5:50am
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My ds was skin tested a week after his first birthday. It was positive for egg and milk which is what I suspected and also for peanuts. (Wheal was 30/75 Is that indicative of how severe allergy is?) He has never had a reaction to peanut that we know of even though we were never a peanut or tree nut free house (until now). My husband frequently ate peanuts and handled Max. Considering accounts I have read on this board the reactions he has had (eczema, vomiting, puffyness around eyes, hives on skin contact with egg) have all been fairly mild. He has never had trouble breathing and I am very quick to give him Benedryl.
We now have an Epi Pen

I have lots of questions and even more anxiety.
Am I being over protective to make my son wear a sticker on his back listing his allergies and location of his epipen while he is at the Kids Club while I'm working out at the gym? (My husband thinks so). There is no food allowed in the Kids Club and he is never there for more than an hour. Should I even be leaving him there since he is so young?

Has anyone heard of cross-contamination in things such as oatmeal or Cheerios? Max had a reaction the other day after eating oatmeal to which I had added cocoanut milk for the fat. I suspect it was the cocoanut but emailed the maker of the oatmeal as well. They process everything on the same machines and said cross contamination was unlikely but possible.

My allergist wants to wait a year before RAST testing. Why would this be? If his allergies are severe why not now?

Ds is waking up must go. Thank you!

Posted on: Fri, 08/29/2003 - 6:38am
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Welcome! So sorry to hear about your son's allergies. My son was diagnosed at 15 mos. with a life-threatening pa. The anxiety will come and go but unfortunately will always be there...hopefully to a lesser extent in the years to come.
My son wore a sticker on his back his first two years at "mother's day out" and during preschool - "No Peanuts! Severe Allergy!". The teachers knew but it was not uncommon to have substitutes. You must do all that you can. The kids club at our gym is also supposed to be "food free" but I have seen food mysteriously appear. You just can't be too careful.
Hang in there, read all you can. This board is a fantastic source of information and support. My son is now in Kindergarten and doing great. The school is very supportive and cooperative. It can be done.
Good luck!

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You just never know when and where a reaction can happen. I always had a sticker on my son when he was little so people would know about his PA. People who work in daycare and other places that offer daycare are usually kind people and seem to always offer little children treats. Any measure to keep your son safe is well worth the effort. Stay Safe.

Posted on: Fri, 08/29/2003 - 9:14am
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Am I being over protective to make my son wear a sticker on his back listing his allergies and location of his epipen while he is at the Kids Club while I'm working out at the gym?
Just wanted to add that I used to work in a gym daycare. You can NEVER be too careful. While they may have rules against no food, new members, new staff, etc. may not know the no food rule. It just takes one kid pulling out a snack that contains an allergen to cause a reaction. So I think the sticker is very appropriate! Especially since I know the turnaround in the gym is pretty high, plus substitutes can be common. Everyone needs to know about the allergies. Our gym did allow food. Staff would sometimes give extra cheerios to babies to stop them from fussing (I warned them that was dangerous, but I wasn't there every day [img][/img]
Anyway, good luck! I wish I had more answers to your questions, but I'm very new to the boards...and as you might discover, these boards open your mind up WAY more than the doctors and allergists do about these allergies. Gosh, I never even thought about HALF the things this board has introduced me to!
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