Anti-IGE Med Hu-109


Has anyone heard of the clinical trials being conducted on Hu-109 that is in phase II for peanut allergies. I have been researching this topic on the internet as my allergist is not aware of the med b/c he isn't participating in the clinical trial. I have read there is a med that is about a year away but that would mean it would probably be in more than phase III. It is hard to find any information on this please let me know if anyone is aware of a potental med. Sincerely, Tanya M

On Jun 18, 2002

It is being made by Tanox. You can read all about it on their website [url=""][/url] I hope this turns into a link, if not just type it in. Click on product development. It is TNX-901. I can hardly wait. I emailed them about a month ago asking if they have any idea when it will be available to the public, but they never responded.

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