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Ant Traps

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It's spring time again and I just wanted to mention that if you are in search of ant traps be careful cause the cheaper ones are generally baited with peanut butter. I believe the raid ones are ok but, I would check the labelling anyways.

On Mar 25, 2000

Unfortunately, the labels don't usually say what the trap's ingredients are. I have searched labels for the info, but every time I buy one it always smells like PB. I just figured I'd rather live with the ants than take any chances. Maybe this year I'll just go to the store, write all the phone numbers and call every manufacturer to see if any of them are safe. By the way, when I called FAN about this, they didn't think it was anything to worry about. I'm worried anyway.

On Mar 29, 2000


Have any of you tried bay leaves? Just put a few under your fridge, stove, washer/dryer, anywhere you see ants coming in. They work for me and they sure are safer than those ant traps that contain pnut butter. Also, if you go to '' and ask them how to get rid of ants naturally (home remedies), he'll come up with websites for you to go to for the answers.

Take care, Linda-Jo

On Mar 29, 2000

thanks for posting this. it would have never occured to me that ant traps have PB in them. learn something new everyday!