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Just wondering how many Mom's & Dad's of pa children had allergy shots when they were young?

I have always thought ea's and having a child with a food allergy was linked somehow so that's why I would be interested in knowing how many of us had allergy shots or take drugs to combat allergies.


On Oct 3, 2003

I didn't have allergy shots, but my husband did when he was a young adult. They were for the environmental allergies. And by the way, they made him feel worse, not better.

On Oct 3, 2003

Neither of us has any history of obvious or bothersome allergies of any sort and no shots. becca

On Oct 3, 2003

No allergy shots for either parent. I do have seasonal allergies and occasional asthma, and I found out when Kelsey was diagnosed that my father had food allergies as a child.

On Oct 3, 2003

I had allergy shots when I was a pre-teen for cats, my husband had none. My mother also was a test subject during the development of allergy shots.

On Oct 3, 2003

I received allergy shots from about age 15 - 21. They helped tremendously, by the way. My dh takes Claritin for seasonal allergies. [img][/img] Miriam

On Oct 3, 2003

Im not sure exactly how long, and exactly what ages but I had allergy shots from probably 7 to 17. I'll have to ask my mom if she remembers.

Dh only has hayfever.

On Oct 3, 2003

I had shots when I was a child (under 10). I think they were to housedust and mold but I can't be sure.

On Oct 3, 2003

Dh and I have never have had any allergies of any sort that we know of.

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On Oct 3, 2003

I had shots for a year when I was about 30 (before I found out I was pg with my elder, non-PA DS). I started them again after my PA son was born but had to stop when I kept anaphylaxing from them.

DH and I both have EA's. Personally I'm rooting for some good hard frosts because they're just about doing me in right now. [img][/img]


On Oct 3, 2003

No allergy shots for DH or myself and we are not allergic to anything--for the time being.

On Oct 4, 2003

Both my husband and myself had allergy shots as children. I have outgrown all my allergis, but my husband still suffers from seasonal allergies.

On Oct 4, 2003

Neither of us has any allergies (except for the ones I seem to be developing now). So neither of us has had allergy shots.

On Oct 4, 2003

I had allergy shots (environmental allergies) from 5 to 15 years old, then outgrew the allergies. My dd is 5 with pa.

On Oct 5, 2003

smack, excellent question! [img][/img]

Yes, I had allergy shots as a child. I know that I had to come to Toronto to be tested, so that was before the age of 7. I think my shots actually commenced once we moved to Toronto at the age of 7. I then continued to get them until around the age of 14.

I tried the allergy shot *thing* again in my mid-twenties but found that the day after I would get a terrible migraine which I was struggling enough with already so made the decision, at that time (almost twenty years ago now [img][/img] ) to control my year-round environmental allergies with an antihistamine.

But yes, I got allergy shots when I was a child. Jesse's Father did not. He did not develop environmental allergies that he was aware of until his late 30's.

Great question! (I love great questions! LOL!) [img][/img]

Best wishes! [img][/img]


On Oct 5, 2003

Sorry, kinda good if you read the whole question before answering. During my teens I can't remember being troubled by my environmental allergies, strangely enough. I know that I didn't get allergy shots and I can't remember taking antihistamines either (I would have to ask my Mom if we had antihistamines in the house for me or not).

Then, there was that thing with the shots again in my twenties, which I mentioned in my post above. When they didn't work, as I say, I made the decision to control my environmental allergies with a daily antihistamine and that was over twenty years ago.

What I wasn't clear about is that I still take daily antihistamines to deal with my environmental allergies and even took them while pregnant with both children (they were okayed by both my ob/gyn and Mother Risk in Toronto).

So, I've been taking daily antihistamines for twenty years plus now and can really notice if I forget to take one.

DH will occasionally (like maybe once a week or once every two weeks) take an antihistamine and then ask me what it could possibly be that's bothering him (aside from the dust mites in my home - pollen, whatever).

Sorry for not answering fully the first time. [img][/img]

Best wishes! [img][/img]


On Oct 5, 2003

Just as I thought, a lot of us Moms or Dads have had allergy shots before reproducing [img][/img]

My dh had allergy shots as a child as well(I forgot to add that)

For the ones that didn't have the shots but do have ea's it would be interesting to know if they used antihistamine's before or during trying to have kids?

Thanks to everyone who has responded so far [img][/img] You wonder if this somehow is playing a part in the outcome of having a child with pa?

On Oct 5, 2003


Originally posted by smack: [b]Just as I thought, a lot of us Moms or Dads have had allergy shots before reproducing [img][/img]


Yowza. Would that mean a lot of us Moms or Dads have had [i]allergies[/i] before reproducing? [img][/img]

(Where's that "cross reactive allergies" thread anyway???)

BTW, My PA/Nuts son gets "allergy shots". His father did, and I probably coulda used them. [img][/img]

Don't know much about "allergic response" or the study of allergies or genetics for that matter, but what I do recollect is that with certain genetic information, there is a tendency to "express" it more with successive generations (replication of the protein strand, I believe). Don't know if IGE level/allergies is one of them. Don't know if I recollect accurately at all. Maybe it's just me. Long shot, I know.

Disclaimer: Don't take this as fact, I probably don't remember that well. I could be very wrong. Anyone?

edit to add: "His father did, and I probably coulda used them. [img][/img]"

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On Oct 5, 2003

Originally posted by smack: Just as I thought, a lot of us Moms or Dads have had allergy shots before reproducing

Posted by MommaBear "Yowza. Would that mean a lot of us Moms or Dads have had allergies before reproducing?"

MB, I know that's exactly where I was going with the allergy shots. If your having allergy shots you obviously have allergies [img][/img]

Too funny.

I just have this gut feeling environmental allergies have more to do with this pa./food allergy thing than breastfeeding and eating peanut butter. We were introduced to peanut butter at age 1 way back then, and that didn't have anything to do with our outcome.

Maybe it's a combination of allergies and antihistamines or allergies and shots to combat them?

On Oct 5, 2003


My husband and I have environmental allergies. ( as do my pa sons older brother an sister). My husband starting using a prescription inhaler before I got pregnant with my 3rd and pa child! Also, I got walking pnemonia when I was pregnant with the 3rd and was put on an inhaler for breathing problems! I wonder!

On Oct 6, 2003

smack, I know, somewhere in the back of my aged brain that I have seen a similar discussion here. Was it something to do with people that have environmental allergies having a higher chance of having children with food allergies? I can't remember the exact discussion and for the life of me couldn't even begin to think of the title of the thread to do a search.

Then, of course, there are the multitude of threads discussing the whys of why we had PA children (the breastfeeding, eating pb thing you mentioned) and I remember somewhere in those types of discussions again the environmental allergies of the parents being mentioned.

To me, IMHO, it makes definite sense that if I have environmental allergies that my children will have them or have a greater chance of having them. I am sure there must be a stat somewhere out there to back that up. And I think the FA are an extension of the parent's environmental allergies.

This discussion, as the one Anna Marie started last week as well re weight, has always fascinated me.

Something I also think about from time to time but haven't posed the question, but do any of us PA parents feel that we are at greater risk of developing a food allergy (or since we're on, a peanut allergy) because we have a PA child? Do you know what I mean?

I'm fairly sure that a couple of years ago I started a thread asking why people thought PA was on the rise and there were a great many answers (theories). Environmental allergies was definitely in there.

What I found interesting about your discussion, separate from the environmental allergies period, is that you asked a very specific question - did we get allergy shots. Could the shots have something to do with how we ended up reproducing?

Earlier when I mentioned that I wish I knew the stats for my children having environmental allergies because I have them it's just because I know, for example, that my children have a 50% chance of getting (inheriting) migraines because I have them. A child of an alcoholic has a 50% chance of becoming an alcoholic. A child of two alcoholics has a 75% chance. Those stats are imbedded in my brain and came to the forefront for me sadly, when my 5 year old daughter started to experience full blown migraines (unlike the stomach migraines I had as a child).

Both of my children have environmental allergies although it was my PA son that developed his first. He also developed his asthma first.

Wonderful, thought provoking question. [img][/img]

Best wishes! [img][/img]