Another sad story.

Posted on: Fri, 07/02/2004 - 10:40pm
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If adults make these mistakes, how do they expect our 5 year olds not to?
How awful when this happens.


Local High School Secretary Dies From Peanut Allergy
Woman's Husband Died In 2003 From Heart Attack

POSTED: 3:45 pm EDT July 2, 2004
UPDATED: 4:00 pm EDT July 2, 2004

A secretary at Andover High School died from a peanut allergy, according to the Oakland County Medical Examiner's report.
Officials ruled that the death of Amy Topic, 34, was caused by an accidental ingestion of peanuts, The Daily Oakland Press reported.

Topic, a mother and popular secretary at the school, died on May 29, according to the paper.

Her husband, Andrew, an English teacher at Andover, died in September 2003 of a heart attack, the paper reported.

The couple left behind a 3-year-old son.

Topic knew that she was allergic to peanuts, but apparently did not know she had ingested peanuts or peanut products, a doctor told the paper.

Her official cause of death is listed as an anaphylactic reaction.

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So sad, and that poor little boy that they left behind.
Here's a link to another version - [url=""][/url]
Peanut oil has been ruled the culprit in the death of 34-year-old Amy Bauer Topic, an investigator with the Oakland County Medical Examiner's Office said Wednesday. The official cause of death was acute anaphylactic reaction. Topic, the beloved secretary at Andover High School in Bloomfield Hills,died May 29.
Topic of Royal Oak died in her sleep after eating pad thai, a popular Thai noodle dish topped with peanuts.
Dr. Bernardino Pacris, who conducted Topic's autopsy, said she died because a bronchial spasm didn't allow enough air to get to her brain.
Pacris ruled her death accidental, even though he said Topic may have known she was allergic to peanuts.
Topic's husband, Andrew, an Andover English teacher and sports coach, died of a heart attack in October. He was 30. By Teresa Mask

Posted on: Sat, 07/03/2004 - 9:35pm
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One thing I'm getting from these stories - no matter what, AVOID THAI FOOD. It seems like people have problems with it. I wonder if they are told it's peanut free, when it isn't? This is the second or third death I've read about related to Thai food, with an adult dying.
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I dont get it.. if it's Thai Food, that caused a problem, I havent finished the story yet...
For , here, I mean YOU (on this board), we all know the repurcussions of our actions... we're all highly intelligent in these areas of foods and whatnot...
We .. we do research... I wouldnt even THINK of stopping for thai food with any of my family... Thai food is peanut... Whats so hard about ordering a hamburger from, say, applebees, instead of going for Thai food... and what 6 or 4 yo girl wants thai food anyways.. they want burgers! [img][/img] (well, not really...)
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It says she died in her sleep... Is that possible, to die of shock IN your sleep..??
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Quote:Originally posted by jtolpin:
[b]It says she died in her sleep... Is that possible, to die of shock IN your sleep..??
I wondered about that also. One would think that she would have woken up if she couldn't breathe. But maybe if her blood pressure had dropped, she wasn't conscious enough...

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