another reason to always check with the company

Posted on: Wed, 08/27/2003 - 10:31am
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i thought i'd found a fun alternative to peanut butter for my girls a day or two ago. i went to a local health foods store to find some atkins products for myself but ran into a section of the store that had the nut butters in it. they had several brands (all with allergy warnings on them) but one brand seemed to carry only a cashew butter and an almond butter.

the woman who ran the store noticed me looking at the jars and we struck up a conversation about the company. i explained that my girls are PA and generally can't have any nut products of any kind due to cross contamination issues. the woman said, "well, this is perfect for you then. this company is a small company that grows their own almonds and cashews and does not deal in peanuts at all. they do not get any of their nuts from a warehouse of any sort." i was thrilled. (sorry if this is offensive to those of you who are also treenut allergic...i truly understand how annoying it is to hear about some wonderful product when it's something that is so dreaded in your own household. i feel that way about peanut butter and having to hear about it).

anyway..stupid me...i buy both jars and take them home. bryce is so excited that she demands i whip up a sandwich for her right away and she thoroughly enjoyed it. while she was eating it my brain actually kicked into gear and i called the number on one of the jars. i told the person who answered that my child just loved their product and i wanted to be able to share the info with my other PA pals here at in case anyone (not also tna) wanted to purchase some for themselves. she instantly said, "ma'am! i cannot recommend that you feed our products to your PA children! we do clean our equipment and do not run the peanuts on the same equipment that we run the other nut butters on but the rooms are only separated by one large door and we keep the doors open and large fans blowing all summer long, especially. there are definitely bits of peanut shells and skins in the room that we process the other nutbutters in. "

bryce was fine but it was a lesson for me. i will never trust anyone but the manufacturer again (and maybe not some of them). as it turns out, the healthfood store's rep didn't know one thing about the company she was raving about. they do not grow ANY of their own nuts and they process a large amount of peanut butter right near where they produce the other butters. even if they didn't process peanut butter, all the cashews and almonds,etc come from a big warehouse that also has peanuts in it.

long story just a little bit's unlikely that i will ever find a treenut butter that is suitable for my kids and maybe i shouldn't even want to at this point. if it sounds too good to be true, probably is. as always.


Posted on: Wed, 08/27/2003 - 12:58pm
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Thank goodness there was no reaction!!! Just wanted to let you know that we saw some nut butters at whole foods that stated on the label "made in a peanut free facility" Of course I cannot remember the brand name....sorry!! But at least you know there are some out there if you can find them! We didn't buy them because our son is young and we were afraid he might see a peanut-butter sandwich someday and think it's safe because it looks like the one he eats....good luck in your search!!


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