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Hi all, I'm looking for any insight or advice on my ds's most recent reaction. It was Monday evening and this is the 2nd reaction he has had, the first being the one that we found out about his allergies to peanuts and eggs. Anyway, we were in virginia and ate at a resteraunt called the Whaling Company. It is a steak and seafood resteraunt. DS has not had seafood yet because I am afraid for him to try it and has also not been tested for it but has been in resteraunts where it is served before. So I ordered a steak and baked potato which I shared with him, he is only 20 months old. The potato had butter and sour cream on it, he did not like this and usually loves potatoes but I'm thinking that could have been the sour cream which he has never had before. The steak had Lowerys seasoning on it. I spoke with the server who spoke with the chef and both assured me there are no peanut oils/products in anything that we ordered. Shortly after eating ds broke out in hives all over hsi face and his eyes became red and slightly swollen. After a few more minutes he had a few hives on his belly, back and arms. So I gave him liquid Benedryl and we left the resteraunt asap. While leaving the manager again assured me that no peanut products were used and handed me the ingredients off of the Lowerys seasoning box. Nothing looked suspicious except for the listing of spices, I'm not sure what all that includes. We got back to the hotel and the hives started going away but after drinking some milk he vomited. I am thinking it was just too soon for him to have anything??? No epipen was needed thank goodness. So after that long explanation I guess my questions are:

1) Does anyone have any experience with Lowerys seasoning and does anyone think that could have triggered his reaction? What about the listing of spices?

2) Is it possible that there was some "seafood" residue on a plate or somthing he ate off of which may have caused this, could he have had a reaction like that from seafood when not actually eating it?

3) Does anyone have any other theories or suggestions for me???

I am of course feeling horribly guilty, I thought I was on top of this stuff. I think its actaully bothering me more that I don't know what caused the reaction this time, last time I knew exactly what it was right away... I have not called the allergist yet as the office is now closed but plan to tomorrow. I amthinking of asking her to test him for seafood now, any thoughts on that?? Sorry to unload all of this but there is always such great insight and so many good suggestions on this sight I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask. Again, sorry for going on so long but any response would be greatly appreciated, THANKS!!!!

On May 18, 2004

srujed, how is your son? How are you?

I'm Canadian, so as far as helping you re the spices (or spices in the sauce), I can't really help you. There may be threads on the board though that have some input.

Wow. You had such assurances from the people in the restaurant, even after the reaction happened.

I also hate mystery reactions. My son has had two, one of which was anaphylactic. I would rather know the EXACT thing that caused the reaction because there's the *control* issue involved.

I know I raised a thread a couple of years ago asking people if they were afraid for their PA children, as opposed to non-PA children, to try seafood. I'll try to find that later and see if there are any stats about the likelihood of your son having a seafood/shellfish allergy more than a non-PA child.

(Stupid question - is there ever egg in sour cream or is it always just plain old sour cream - no pun intended?)

Wait, where there tree nuts in the restaurant (I can't remember if you posted that there were no tree nuts as well as no peanuts, sorry)?

Your guess would be better than mine 'cus you're Mom and with that goes the whole *gut* instinct thing which I believe strongly in.

I would have your son tested for seafood.

This may sound stupid but I remember seeing a commercial for a dishwasher detergent and it showed how one left egg residue on the plate while another one didn't and I did post about it here.

Another thing you could do, if you're still in the town, is simply call the restaurant, pretending you've never been there before, and ask the same questions that you were given such great assurances about last night.

And no beating yourself up, please. It's not great to see your child have a reaction (or almost die even), but please, don't feel guilty. You asked the questions, you were given the answers. You did really well.

Please let us know how you and your guy are and what you decide.

Big hugs. [img][/img]

Best wishes! [img][/img]


On May 18, 2004

I did try to do a search of the board, but I'll have to do one later after the kids are in bed.

I did find [url=""][/url] though. Don't know how helpful they may be to contact re their spices.

Best wishes! [img][/img]


On May 18, 2004

You need to be very careful with all spices. McCormack is the only safe one so far that I have found. Sour Cream can also pose a problem from cross contamination from peanuts/nuts (ex nut cheese balls in the same factory). He could also have another allergy and it definitely could have been cross contamination from seafood. I would bring his own food to the restaurants from now on - he is too little to really mind anyway and it will be safer and less stressful for you. We almost never go out to eat and when we do we know the owners or have talked to the chef a million times prior to arrival such as on a vacation. Don't be hard on yourself - everything is so hard to control and I know it is nice to eat out but ..... well, you know. Thank goodness your little one is okay.

On May 18, 2004

Thank you for your replies, I am even more baffled tonight though. We are now at home and more hives popped up this evening. So more Benedryl and they went away. I am freaking out! He had nothing new today, everything he ate today he has eaten before. What is going on??? I know you guys can't answer that one but I just needed to vent. He is doing fine though, like nothing ever happened. Me on the other hand, not doing so great. I didn't sleep last nigth cuz I as paranoid he would develop a more severe reaction so I watched him all night, I see that happening again tonight now...This whole thing just scares me to death. Thanks so much for listening and for your help!

On May 18, 2004

Me again, I was just reading some past posts on here and thought of something else. DS used Coppertone Water babies suntain lotion both days??? But his reaction occured hours later and after he had been bathed some I am not at all sure about to make of that? Any ideas???? AUGHHHH!!!! If you can't tell the not knowing factor is getting to me!

On May 18, 2004

Sorry to hear about your sons reaction. I too would have him tested for seafood.

Also, if he did have a reaction to something he ate yesterday, that could still be the cause of the hives today. My non pa son had an ana. reaction to cats and got a couple hives a day for over a month. I will raise a thread where we discussed how long your body is in overdrive after a reaction.

I hope you figure it out, and he doesn't get anymore hives.

On May 19, 2004

I would have him tested for seafood and for soy. There may have been some kind of soy on the steak. I hope he stops reacting to things soon. It took us a while and many trips to the emergency room to figure out all my son's food allergies. Just saying, I know how you feel. Hang in there.

On May 19, 2004

I'm sorry you went through that. [img][/img]

My guess is that it was cross-contamination of some sort.

I wonder if it could have been some residue on the grill from something else that had been grilled? Some restaurants use barbecue sauces or marinades that contain nuts, peanut butter, or peanut oil. Maybe they'd just grilled something marinated, and had then used the same grill for your son's steak?

P.S. I'm curious ... why did you decide not to use an Epi Pen? For DS, we've been told that if two systems are involved (like the hives and vomiting) to use an Epi Pen Jr and Benadryl, and then call for an ambulance to get him to the ER.

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On May 19, 2004

Thanks for all of your replies, I talked to the allergist today and we are going to test for seafood. Seasonal allergies also but for different reasons... I doubt I will really ever know what happened this time, just drives me crazy though. We decided not to use the epi because the immediate reaction was just hives. He vomited about an hour later and after he had some milk which I don't think mixed well with the medicine. I have also been told about the 2 system thing but in my gut I didn't feel it was necessary for the epipen due to no respiratory problems... He was playing and stuff like normal... My mom was with me also and she is a nurse and also didn't feel like the epi was necessary. I have questioned my decision too, I never know exactly what constitutes epi use but luckily this time all was ok. A few mystery hives keep popping up though, not sure what that is all about...sigh. Thanks again for your input!

On May 19, 2004

Some reactions can occur hours after exposure such as with my 17 month old. The food that she reacts to with hives occurs 1 1/2 hours after exposure so it took us a few times to figure out what her reaction was to so maybe it was the Coppertone. Turned out it was blueberry. Also, on New Zealand allergy web site (just posted that info on main discussion boards) it said that latest study shows bi-phasic reaction can be as long as 10-36 hours after initial reaction. Good Grief! Could it have been a bi-phasic reaction.? I am sorry for you right now because I know how you feel right now. There was a time where I spent many days parked outside EMS station because I couldn't figure out what the hives/rash were on her butt (never did figure it out). EMS got used to seeing her in undies. I am over the top vigilant on no pn/tn so I knew it wasn't that but never did figure it out. Good luck and remember sometimes you never figure it out.

On May 19, 2004

Does this restaraunt serve breakfast ? Perhaps they could have cooked eggs on the grill.

On May 20, 2004

Sometines hives can also be brought on by viral infection especially those with pretty bad upper respiratory tract infections. (bad colds and coughs). It happened to me this week with my son, who I tought was allergic to corn, I feed him the thing that I thought he reacted to (just because it was a single hive delayed of about 12 hours from ingestion) and nothing ever happened again after three successfull tries. Therefore the only logical explanation was a viral infection. The allergist told me they are very common in kids and when you get those hives they tend to come and go sporadically for up to 6 months (always more or less in the same areas where they first appeared). It could be a thought!!

On May 20, 2004

Was it Lawry's seasoning or Lawry's steak sauce?

The steak sauce has anchovies listed as an ingredient. I'm not sure about the seasoning.

My ds #3 was given a piece of steak with this sauce on it (by accident--ds #2 gave it to him--wasn't suppose to). Anyway, ds #3 had numerous hives (mostly on face and a few on upper chest, arms and upper back) and a HUGE swelling (lips) reaction. He seemed completely fine although he was itching. I had the epi-pen ready to go but my gut instinct said not to give it. I gave him benadryl and it all finally disappeared after about 1/2 hour.

One thing I did though while he was having his reaction was to grab my digital camera and snap off several pictures. I wanted to be able to show his pediatrician.

I'm glad that your son is doing fine now.

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On May 20, 2004

It was Lowrys seasoning, I am very suspicious that it might have been the spices in this but probably won't know for sure. He had hives again last night but so far none tonight, knock on wood. Tonight we ate food with absolutely no spice to it and no reaction, so who knows... He hasn't had a cold or any viral infection recently but that is an idea, who knows! Thanks again for all of the replies and support, this board is great!

On May 26, 2004

I'm sorry your going thru an unknown voyage. I can't stand when freaky things start to happen. Hang in there, stay on the watch, keep track of foods and make sure to know ingredients of anything that goes ON your In your child. We have a p&tn allergy and I can't believe the shampoo's, hairspray's and liquid soaps and moisterizers that contain almond oil or our Allergist Dr. Sampson (the Dr. who's been working on the new peanut vaccine) told me about hydrolized vegetable protein. If it doesn't say where the protein is from after it, exp. soy, cottonseed ect... don't eat it or use it. It could be from peanut protein. So find out from your allergist if there are any camaflauged ingredients for you to be aware of. Good luck hang in there. Stay safe


On May 26, 2004

I was also told by Lawry's not to use their seasonings. We only use McCormick. Wonder if that could have done it? How strange! I hope you can track down your allergens soon! Paula