Another question. Is anyone afraid to let their PA child swim in a public pool?

Posted on: Wed, 09/19/2001 - 3:53am
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Joined: 09/06/2001 - 09:00

I've read posts here from parents talking about problems they've had with playground equipment and toys that have peanut residue on them. It got me wondering ... what about public swimming pools (or even private, members-only pools)?

With dozens of kids swimming in one on a typical summer afternoon ... kids who have had peanut-butter sandwiches for lunch, and who may still have some on their faces/hands ... could it be a problem? Or am I just being paranoid to worry about that?

Posted on: Wed, 09/19/2001 - 4:05am
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It all depends on your 'comfort level' and weighing that against want your children to have 'normal' lives. I've never restricted Katie from going to places like playgrounds, pools or libraries. I keep a keen eye on her while she plays but I want her to be able to enjoy life. Everyone makes their own decision about this and you have to do what you feel is best for you. No one here will judge you either way.

Posted on: Wed, 09/19/2001 - 4:08am
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I haven't worried about it. Well, not specifically. Like everyone else, the chance of a reaction follows us around everywhere, all the time, so we just weigh the risks. I consider this situation to be of minimal risk. If anyone can tell me why it is a greater risk than I think it is, please do.
Take care,

Posted on: Thu, 09/20/2001 - 3:36am
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I am, this summer we were in the kiddie pool and a little girl was playing around, Jason was having a great time. Then I saw her go to the side of the pool by her mom and take bites of a sandwich, and swim around again. Well she came by Jason and her face has p&jelly all over it. So we got out, I shouldn't have said anything but I did to the mom, just maybe she shouldn't be swimming and eating in the pool. I got a mean like but the girl just stayed in eating.

Posted on: Thu, 09/20/2001 - 11:07am
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We have been very cautious over the years, but continue to let Kyla get involved in the activites she enjoys, that includes swimming.
I'm learning to be more assertive, and have asked parents many times about not bringing snacks into the changerooms. Sometimes I get a look but this is my daughter's life. One day a girl brought in a bag of peanuts and I asked her if she could put them away, when I explained why it was no problem (and what the heck did she touch), but there still shouldn't have been food there in the first place.
I don't know if everyone would agree but we can't stop living life we have to be on guard all the time and continue to reinforce it to our children as they get older. It's a shame though when we have to cut our activities short when some people just don't get it.

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