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hi all, Well, we too made a 'quick' visit to the ER this weekend. While eating lunch on Saturday 20 mo ds wanted a little something to finish off his lunch with so he pointed to the cupboards. We went to cupboard asking him what he wanted and he pointed to the peanut butter. No allergies in the family, he is almost 2 said ok, but just a little bit. About the size of a pencil eraser went in his mouth, almost the same amount came out of his mouth and WHAMMO! In less than 2 minutes he had turned all red, hives everywhere, arms, legs, face, eyes swelled shut, choking sounds like he was going to throw up. We didn't have any bendryl in the house so I said we gotta go (we're 20 minutes from a store), in the car we go. Almost to the store, and dh says this doesn't seem right, we should go to the ER (another 10 min away when you aren't speeding, we were now speeding). Then the vomiting started (btw, try not to throw up tuna fish if you can help it). A dose of bendryl and a dose of steroids and he was his usual self about 4 hours after exposure (still a little swollen, but at least acting himself). So ER doc tells me, yup peanut allergy (no, really?) and I should follow up with pediatrician Monday. I call pediatrician Monday and only response I get is 'thanks, I'll add that to his chart'. Does this seem right to you? It has been 3 days since I spoke to pediatrician office and NO follow up from them. His 2 year appointment will be middle of August..this seems like too long to wait to discuss next steps. Your thoughts?

ps. I've ordered medic alert braclets (the rubber or molded plastic ones...y'know like the 'live strong'). I've got 2 books coming from Amazon and another @ the library. Nuts all on one shelf in kitchen until they are gone, fluff on same shelf since there has been some 'double dipping' by adults. I got rid of peanut oil & lotions and will get rid of jelly today in case of 'double dipping'. Anything else you can think of to stave off for next couple of weeks?

On Jun 25, 2008

First of all, I'm sorry you *have* to be here, but you found an excellent resource. Welcome--ask anything, any time.

Secondly, you need a prescription for EpiPen Jr. right now. Right now. Call your ped. back and get an appointment now, or have your ped. give you a referral to a pediatric allergist. This can't wait until August.

Your ds had a pretty serious reaction. I would throw out or give away anything. I would not feel comfortable having any peanuts/tree nuts in the's just not worth it.

On Jun 25, 2008

I second the fact that you need to get a script for an Epi Right away. I would call everyone until someone gets you one - today.

It took me a couple of months to get this this point but our house went completely nut free.

Dangerous items, bakery items - all, icecream shops, restaurant food.

I am glad you ordered some books that will help, for now just make sure someone gets you an epi pen or 2.

On Jun 26, 2008

Well, I called the doc's office again yesterday afternoon and asked them to call me today to ensure doc has read ER report. I'm trying to be paient with this doc, but I've had just about enough. And he is supposed to be the pediatric allergist specialist for this area (according to our insurance)!!!!! We are only 4 miles from hospital here @ work and won't go home today without EPI.

ps also carrying benedryl everywhere we go

On Jun 26, 2008

Wow! that must have been scary. My ds was about 2 when I did the same thing " he just had a little taste!" He also spit it right out and then got hives almost immediately. I did have benadryl in the house though. I totally agree with the other posters. Get an Epi - jr right away! and if the pediatrician won't give it too you call an allergist.

I would avoid tree nuts too.. as the cross contamination ( even if not allergic) is pretty high. Check the sun screens too Good luck. let us know what happens

On Jun 27, 2008

Just checking back--wanted to see if you got your Epi yet. Glad to see your determination!!

On Jun 30, 2008

The good news is we have another doc. Bad, I can't get his pediatrician to call me back to save my life, so no epi. More good news, in compiling info for allergist, I got copy of ER report, no throat swelling. Triage nurse said some tongue swelling, but that must have resolved before doc saw him (though I don't put a whole lot of trust in this particualr ER doc...said child was 'alert, active & happy'. That was because he didn't see us until after benedryl and 30 min wait!) I faxed stuff to allergist this am have appointment for next monday. (ugh). and so we wait..... thanks for asking and I promise to keep on this, I'm not disuaded easily & we are being EXTREMELY careful.