Another Keebler cookie issue.


I know that alot of people have posted on these cookies. I have read that some do have reactions to the cookies that are not labeled as having any peanut. My daughter has had a few different cookies by them and not had any problems. However, I went to buy some the yesterday and just about fell over. The E.L. Fudge cookies with the chocolate filling,which I have bought before, but she didn't really eat them, well as always, read the label. The last ingredient on it was PEANUT FLOUR. Had some other words before it, but contained peanut flour, not may contain or anything like that. So we are done 100% with that cookie company. Now to tell the inlaws..can't wait.

On Jan 28, 2003

I may be wrong but I think they add that in the ingredient list even though it's really a 'may contain'. I also think Nabisco does the same thing with the mint oreos.


On Jan 28, 2003

The Snackwells chocolate chip cookies also list peanut flour. I also think it's the same as listing a "may contain", using less words.

On Jan 28, 2003

I'm still hoping for the day we can eat Vienna Fingers again. Sigh...


On Jan 28, 2003

Actually these cookies would have been better off saying "may contain peanut flour", as that would be less words than were on the package. It said a few words, (de..somthing like this) and then peanut flour. Implying that the peanut flour is processed someother way. I will look tomorrow and buy a package, so I can call and complain about it..then someone else here will get a few package of cookies. Maybe the teenage boy down the street.