Another good trip to Italy


Another safe return from a good trip to Italy...incident free! All went well food wise, my dd even got to have some italian ice cream. Just that Alitalia airlines didnt have to serve a little ice cream treat with nuts on them! Otherwise all good, excellent food as usual, great weather, nice beaches and nice scenery!

On Aug 31, 2005

Hello redtruck, Thanks for the info on Italy. Did you use a chef card written in Italian or do you speak Italian?

On Aug 31, 2005

Excellent Redtruck! I'm so jealous...I wanted to go to Italy, too! [img][/img]

Any recommendations? (non-food wise)

On Aug 31, 2005

Ohhh redtruck, I am turning green with jealousy! Glad you had a great trip.

Have a blessed day, Bridget

On Aug 31, 2005

They rarely use any peanut oil or nuts in their food, which made things easier. They mostly use olive oil, sunflower or similar. Desserts are another matter as they do have almonds, hazelnuts in many desserts. But thats no different than home, so we always had safe treats for dd. But they did have McD. for the occasional ice cream (bite your tongue if you thought I was going to say the occasional hamburger... in one of the best places for gourmet food)

We visited Como (near Milan and home to George Clooney), and Venice, and Southern Italy. Marvelous scenery!

On Sep 2, 2005

Oh yeah, one funny note about Epipens... Travelling around the italian airports was ok except going from Venice to Rome. They stopped me re: epis and wanted me to get a note of ok from the airline counter, then wanted me to surrender them before boarding. So I fibbed around a bit and gave them 1 of the 5 but insisted i get it back before departing, so they took it at boarding, and then returned it before takeoff...which is really weird. Lucky i had the others in case anyway. They just were baffled by it, yet in Rome or Milan, no problem, just explained what it was.

I mean i guess it could be used as a weapon, but they really should have a better understanding of it!