Annie\'s mac and cheese


Hi all, I went lookig for the Annies mac and cheese and found they make many kinds. What flavor is safe? I bought the Bunny's and found on another thread that the bunnys are not safe. What flavor do you buy? For your PA only kids. Thankyou

On Dec 13, 2003

My PA/TNA DD 3 eats Annies Mac & Cheese - she eats Arthur, Bunny Shapes, Shells and the Microwavable Mac & Cheese and loves them. She has also tried the Peace Pasta and the Mexican but didn't really like them. The Annie's Can Products are also safe.

When I spoke the Annie's Mac & Cheese in September 2003 they told that the Mac & Cheese is peanut and tree nut free.

The bunny crackers are not as they are made in a different facility and that also makes nut products.

Annie's Tamarind Tree Products have risk of tree nut cross contamination.